"13 Reasons Why" Season 2 Set To Return To TV With Bigger Shocks This May

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Considered as one of the most controversial series of the TV history, Netflix series "13 Reasons Why" Season 2 is all set to make a comeback this May 2018. The much anticipated sneak peak of the second season has been released by the Netflix and looking at the first trailer, it has left us with many questions and one thing is for sure, that is the second season of the series won't only involve drama but will include lots of action brewing with trouble and conspiracy.


#1 The Much Anticipated Show Is All Set To Come Back

Ever since Netflix introduced its thrilling series, "13 Reasons Why," the show has been a centre of all sorts of controversies, probably because of the issues the show has discussed explicitly. The story revolves around the suicide of a high school teenager, Hannah Baker and the series touches the issue of bullying.

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#2 Considered As One Of The Most Controversial Show Of The TV History

The series triggered a heated debate after its release with many debating the show should be banned for its dark topic as it may have triggered several psychological issues in teenagers who could all very well relate to the topic while many other advocated the show saying that through this show, issue of bullying and its resulting traumatic effects could finally be taken seriously by the adults.

"13 Reasons Why" didn't create controversy only because of its issue of bullying but the story also outlined on a very important matter, that is the mental health of the teenagers and their struggle related to it.


#3 First Glimpse Of The Second Season Released

Now Netflix has announced the release date of the second season and the first glimpse of the second season has also been unveiled that includes the glimpse of the entire crew at Liberty High, the short video sets an early tone for the upcoming season, which is pretty grim, to say the least.


#4 "The Tapes Are Just The Beginning, May 18, 2018 "

The streamer shared along with the trailer is, "The tapes were just the beginning, May 18." The premiere date for the second season has been announced as May 18, 2018. Only a few weeks till the final release date and the Netflix is keeping the storyline of the new show tightly guarded.

#5 The Season 2 Will Have Lots Of Drama Plus Action

Looking at the brief teaser, one thing has been clear, that Hannah's suicide is going to create lasting effects in the Liberty High, especially for Hannah's best friend and love interest, Clay. In the video sneak peak, all the characters have been shown, however, what's eye-catching is the series of polaroids which indicates towards some brewing trouble and conspiracy, ensuring us that the upcoming season would we full action pack with a touch of drama.

#6 Check Out The Trailer

An official synopsis from the Netflix states, "A series of ominous Polaroids lead Clay and his classmates to uncover a sickening secret and a conspiracy to cover it up."