'Cyclops' Baby Born With One Eye After Radiation Exposure.. Heartbreaking!

By Muk Khatri in Bizarre On 10th October 2015

#1 The single eye in the mid-forehead and missing nose are a result of improper formation of the boy’s eye socket.

This medical disorder may occur as often as four times in 1,000 births, but in most of the cases, the pregnancy does not go through the full term. Cyclops is more common in case of animals.

#2 Dr Ahmed Badruddin, the chief doctor supervising the baby’s condition at the private hospital said that the infant won’t be able to survive for more than a few days.

The agonized family of the baby boy is receiving counselling to go through the painful situation.

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#3 The rare disorder is named Cyclopia after the mythical Greek race of giant shepherds of Sicily which had a single large round eye in the centre of their forehead.