"Glitter Cost Me My Eye" This Woman Documented Her Horrifying Experience After A Freak Glitter Accident For All To See.

By Michael Avery in Bizarre On 20th October 2015

#1 This is Erica

A normal goofy femmegurian. Wife, mother, gamer, writer, kicker of much ass. Until she got a piece of glitter stuck in her eye.

#2 This is glitter. Fuck this stuff.

Sure its annoying, but its also dangerous. A freak accident with glitter getting into her eye resulted in Erica not only needing surgery but also eventually losing her eye. Glitter ruptured her cornea and nothing could controlling the infection.

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#4 This is her left eye a few hours after the incident

That white? That's a waterfall of pus coming from the back of the eye.

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#5 Fancy eye wear on the way to the biopsy

After seeing doctors about it she is scheduled for a biopsy to help fix her eye.

#6 During the biopsy...

A pocket of pus exploded and leaked all over her face and hair. They then covered the eye in mesh taken from an amniotic sac and painted the whole thing antifungal pink.

#7 She kinda looks like Riddick

The biopsy didn't work so she was scheduled to have a corneal transplant.

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#8 It doesn't prevent it from dimpling

Which she says "feels funky and looks even worse. I've been scaring people all day. I don't realize the eye just opens and does whatever the hell it wants since I have no vision in it and the drops I'm on leave it swollen and not within my muscular control usually. Creeper level: through the roof."

#9 This is after surgery

In her own words

"Surgery was "intense and had complications."

Meaning I woke up. Twice. It was supposed to be a twilight sedation thing. Nope. Sedative wore off about half way through and I woke up screaming and in a panic cause HEY I CAN FEEL YOU SLICING MY EYE. More drugs did nothing. Ended up being put completely under. Woke up from that as well. Didn't panic, just told them I was awake. Anesthetia was super nice and calmed me down and told me My heart rate was burning through all his good drugs. More drugs. Didn't knock me out, but close enough to get the job done.

Recovery room was rough."

#10 Glitter has still not lifted it's curse on the eye

She had to get a plastic eye shield to keep herself from hitting her eye.

#11 On the inside

Since most of the structure that was removed was internal, it looks kinda normal. Gross, bloodshot, kind of small and leaking pus (yeah, that's pus. Sorry.) and with stitches all around it. But overall still like an eye.

#12 The culprit

2 days post surgery and they finally have an answer

#13 Still swollen shut

#14 Pulling the lid open

#15 No sight, still red and yeah that's pus

#16 A few days post surgery...

As you can see, the fungus is already regrowing and the border of the transplant is pretty clearly visible, which it shouldn't be at this point. Signs of failure are pretty clear and there is still a big chance that the infection is too bad and she will have to have the whole eye removed. All of this over a stupid little piece of gold glitter.

#17 After a month of fighting

"There was just no saving the eye. 2 failed cornea transplants, medicinal injections, drops, oral meds, etc. Nothing ever really controlled the infection. My vision was gone gone by the end, not even light sensitive. At my last check up they discovered opportunistic growths in the eyeball and that it was starting to cave in on itself in the back. If this happened, and it ruptured, the fungus would be pushed into my bloodstream and cause systemic sepsis.

There was a chance that fucking piece of glitter in my eye could actually kill me. It was time for an enucleation."

#18 Glitter cost me my eye

She still has a pretty good sense of humor about it all though.

"The removal itself wasn't too bad. Didn't wake up during surgery this time, so that's I got that going for me. Eye is still kind of swollen. the internal implant does move since the eye muscles are attached to it. That doesn't hurt anymore.

The plastic spacer (like a clear pre prosthetic) fell out the other day and landed on my boob while i was talking to someone. Awkwaaaaard. They say the permanent fake eye will have less of a chance of doing that. I hope so cause "I'm so sorry, I don't mean to cut you off but my eye fell out. I need a moment, I'll be right back." Is no fun to have to say.

The horrified reaction was pretty funny, though!"