'My Boyfriend Asked Me To Venmo Him $7 For Cold Medicine'

By Zainab Pervez in Cringey On 2nd December 2022

A TikToker from Hawaii claimed that a longtime boyfriend once sent her a Venmo request for $7 after buying her cold medicine when she was sick. Jackie Li, who goes by @jackieli852 on the platform, shared the shocking story in a viral video that has gained nearly 5 million views since it was posted earlier this month.


Jackie explained she was shocked to wake up to the request and added she now prefers relationships where her partners don't obsess over every dime they spend for each other. 


“One time I was feeling really sick, and I asked my boyfriend at the time if he could buy me some cold medicine on his way home,” Li started her nauseating narrative. “So after he finished work, he dropped by CVS and picked up some DayQuil for me. Really kind of him, really appreciate that.”

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Li said she slurped the syrup and snoozed. She recalled waking up to a sickening surprise.

“He Venmo charged me $7 for cold medicine,” she claimed before joking, “Like, OK, get your bag.”

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Surprisingly, she had been dating the unnamed partner for about four years at the time.

“I think I prefer a relationship where it’s like, ‘Hey, I’ll get this, you get that the next time,’ and we’re not keeping track of our expenses, dollar by dollar,” she explained. “I should’ve known, but you know, we’re not together anymore, so it wasn’t meant to be.”

People were completely shocked, especially after finding out that they've been together for 4 years.

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Commenters couldn't believe the man’s audacity, with many saying they'd get medicine without charge for their 'mildest of acquaintances,' let alone their significant other. Infact, he should had done more.


Several TikTok users sympathized with Li in the comments, offering their own anecdotes.


People had a lot of thoughts about the story, with some shocked that anyone would charge their significant other only $7 for medicine. 


Jackie’s clip hits on a common source of contention between couples: money. CNBC wrote that people are 10 times more likely to leave their partner if they’re not adept at managing their finances. There are tons of other examples circulating the web where people mention that money, in one capacity or another, has played a part in couples deciding to go their separate ways.