10 Amazing Home Remedies For Insomnia

By Jamie Vos in Health and Fitness On 28th September 2015


Milk has all kinds of nutrients required by the human body to regulate the metabolism. It contains tryptophan which is an amino acid. It will help to get proper sleep during night time. Next time make sure to drink warm milk before going to bed. Honey or turmeric powder can be added to this milk and consumed for enhancing its properties.


Poppy seeds can provide all essential kinds of carbohydrates, minerals and calcium. These seeds also contain properties that can handle the issue of insomnia and its various types of symptoms. People who are struggling with insomnia can take some of these poppy seeds. Consume some of these seeds on regular basis in order to cure the problem.

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Bottle gourd can become the best source of chemicals that provides nice sleep. It has lots of constituents that will help to get better results in short period of time. Take some bottle gourd juice and mix sesame oil to it. Use this solution to properly massage the scalp and get relax. Its effects can be seen within few hours. It will induce nice sleep without any problem.


Banana contains iron, tryptophan as well as melatonin in it. All these can help to provide best kinds of effects to the mind and will allow for nice sleep. There are other kinds of relaxants present in banana that will induce sleep. Blend some ripe banana and add honey to it. Consume it regularly to get best results. It can be taken before going to bed.

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Green tea is mainly used for its wonderful properties that are good for human body. The antioxidants present in this tea will remove all toxins and free radicals from the body. It will thus reduce the stress causing agents from the body and provide nice sleep. Prepare some hot green tea and if possible add some honey to it. Drink this tea regularly to extract best kinds of results.


Oatmeal also contains melatonin that plays a very important kind of role in inducing nice sleep. Oatmeal also contains rich source of fibers which will provide relief from problems such as constipation. People who are badly suffering from insomnia can consume some oatmeal along with best fruits and milk. Consume it during breakfast time to stay charged with energy.


Curd is another home remedy to counteract the effects of insomnia. It will improve the digestion system and maintain the overall metabolism of the body. Intake of curd during the meals is best for health and will also help to cure insomnia. The nice sleep inducing properties of curd makes it unique to be used for best results.


Cumin seeds are another best type of ingredients that can be used as home remedy to cure the problem of insomnia. The rich source of properties in cumin seeds will provide nice sleep by calming down the nerves. Roast some cumin seeds for few seconds and then allow it to boil in water. Strain the solution and drink it regularly to get nice sleep during night time.


Saffron that is used in selective types of desserts can be used to avoid insomnia and get regular sleep. The sedative properties will calm the nerves of the brain and provide good sleep. Take some pure form of saffron and soak it in warm milk. Drink this warm milk for some time. Regular using this method will can provide desired results.


A solution prepared by mixing apple cider vinegar and honey can provide best results. Honey can help to raise the insulin levels for releasing serotonin. Vinegar can help to get relief from fatigue. Add some honey and apple cider vinegar to a glass containing warm water. Mix it well and drink this solution for perfect results.