10 Astonishing Facts About Female Body That Will Amaze You

Posted by Sama in Amazing On 23rd March 2020

Tell us which one of these female body facts surprises you the most?


#1 Women see better colors than men

Women can see better color shades as compared to men because color perception is linked to X-chromosome ad men have one while women have 2 X-chromosome.


#2 Women do not have symmetrical breasts

One breast is always bigger than the other one. The difference can be noticeable or not. The major reason for noticeability is because it could be a difference in the volume of breast tissue, the size or shape of the breast pocket, or even the elasticity of the skin on each breast. There is nothing to worry about though because this is completely normal and natural.


#3 Woman's body changes completely after giving birth

A woman's body changes drastically after giving birth. One of those changes is cervix dilation. During labor, the cervix expands to accommodate the baby's head and t can expand up to 10 cm which is equal to the size of a bagel.

#4 Women are good at handling pain as compared to men

One study suggests men and women have different coping mechanisms when it comes to remembering past pain. Men get more hypersensitive when they think about the pain they suffered while women tend to forget about it sooner.

Also, in general, the threshold of pain in women is 9 times stronger than men.


#5 Women are better at expressing themselves

It is usually believed that women express themselves better than men. But it turns out there is scientific reasoning for it. According to science, women have larger frontal and temporal areas of the cortex, a brain region that is thought to influence language skills.

Women also have higher levels of FOXP2, also known as the "language protein". This great amount of protein helps an average woman speak about 20,000 words a day which is 13,000 words more than the average man speaks.

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