10 Brilliant And Thrilling Historical Prison Breaks

By Sughra Hafeez in History On 10th September 2015

#1 Pascal Payet - a daring criminal

Pascal is a French criminal and used hijacked helicopters to escape from jail for three times. In 2001, he was sentenced to jail for 30 years for a murder. Father of two children, he escaped using a Squirrel helicopter in July 2007.

#2 Dieter Dengler - only soldier to escape prison camp

During Vietnam war, he escaped during military training. Dieter was a German-American Navy pilot. In 1966, his plane was shot down by an anti - aircraft fire, he was captured and taken to prison camp. He escaped into dense forest gunning down three guards.

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#3 John Dillinger - escaped from jail using fake gun

John was an American gangster. He robbed at least two dozen banks and four police stations. He escaped from jail twice. In 1934, he escaped from Indiana county jail, fooling the guards. He used fake gun made of wood and shoe polish to escape.

#4 Alcatraz escape in 1962 - By American criminals

Frank Morris and John and Clarence Anglin are some brilliant jail breakers who made a shocking escape from ventilation. They made dummy heads with toilet paper, soap and real hair on their bed to escape and they succeeded.

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#5 Alfred and Rudolf – Auschwitz breaker

In 1944, Alfred and Rudolf escaped from Auschwitz death camp. They were a Slovak Jew and escaped from the Auschwitz during Holocaust. These brave guys planned an escape with the help of camp underground.

#6 The Texas Seven group - America's Most Wanted

This is a group of prisoners who escaped from John B Connally Unit in 2000. They executed their plan to escape from high security prison successfully. Carrying out an elaborated scheme and using well panned ploys, they escaped from jail.

#7 The Libby Prison Escape - One of the most popular prison escapes

100 Union soldiers broke the Libby Prison at a night. Among them, 59 reached Union lines successfully, 48 were recaptured and 2 drowned in the nearby river.

#8 Billy Hayes - Jail breaker turned into writer

In a drug smuggling case in 1970, Hayes was sentenced to 30 years prison in Turkey. Initially, he was sentenced to 4 years and 2 months but when he knew about life sentence, then he planned to escape. It took 6 months to make a master plan. Finally, he stole the uniform of guard and escaped. Later, he wrote in his autobiography that how he crime and escaping experiences.


#10 Alfred George - a miraculous jail breaker

Alfred was a British criminal. In 1953, he was arrested for major jewelry robbery. His crime history says that he broke jail for three times. He escaped from Chelmsford Prison. One of his cell breaking story denotes that he locked the guards in bathroom and escaped from a high security prison.