10 Clever Buildings Whose Architects Refused To Cut Down Local Trees

By Editorial Staff in Amazing On 20th August 2015

Kindergarten Around The Tree

This is how architects designed joy-land for the kids surrounding the tree.

The Tea House

Tea & coffee are refreshing. So is the Nature.

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Case Vogue

It didn't change the beauty but enhanced.

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Niavaran Residential Complex

They found this tree a part of their decoration than to plant artificial flowers.


Trees are more important than boundaries. Boundaries give security. Trees give life.

Kook Osteria & Pizzeria

Perfect design for a sitting room.

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Lake view Residence

Planting new greenery in garden is not more important than already planted.

Tree Hugger

Some people knows the real meaning of Trees.

Cylindrical Glass House Built Around A Tree

Glass house if for beauty, Tree enhances it.