10 Crazy '90s Tv Moments That You Would Never See On The Small Screen Today!

By Teresa Thomerson in Entertainment On 22nd September 2015

#1 Friends, "The One With the Rumor"

This wouldn't happen today: Brad Pitt on a sitcom

Nowadays Mr. Pitt's too busy on the big screen saving the world from a zombie apocalypse, amidst quite literally saving the world through adopting and raising children from third world countries. Back in the '90s, the allure of Brad Pitt was unfathomably massive and it comes as no surprise the decade's most recognized sitcom brought the decade's most recognized beautiful man on to guest star for an episode. We're just never going to see such a prominent and established actor guest starring on a modern day sitcom.

#2 Seinfeld, "Who Is This"

This wouldn't happen today: Answering calls from telemarketers

Think about how many telemarketers we'd unknowingly accept calls from if we had next to no clue who could be calling at any given time. This compilation of frantic phone calls perfectly depicts an era marked by irritable phone users tired of having to announce their identities every time they go to make a call to a friend. Nowadays, when our smart phones aren't too busy having engaging conversations with us through the odd medium of Siri, they're definitely letting us know when pestilent telemarketers are making their daily rounds.

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#3 Click, Gameshow (September 1997-1999)

This wouldn't happen today: Ryan Seacrest sporting a head of frosted tips playing host to a kids game-show with obnoxious internet dial-up sound effects

Mr. Seacrest has apparently been a gameshow go-getter for quite some time now, with an early start hosting a nonsensical kids gameshow. And in case you were wondering, he did indeed sport frosted tips back in the day. Even better, the show includes a blow-up "computer screen" that, yes, uses sound effects indicating a dial-up Internet connection. Gotta start somewhere, though, right? Nowadays Seacrest stands head and shoulders above his fellow TV show hosts with prior gigs hosting shows such as American Idol and American Gladiators. You know you've made it as a gameshow host when you're cast as yourself in movies.

#4 Friends, "The One With Ross's Sandwich"

This wouldn't happen today: Getting caught by your friends with a scandalous Polaroid photo in hand

Joey is caught red-handed, mouth agape, over a sensual polaroid of Monica, which in turn inspires a "sex addict"-inspired intervention by his friends. There's plenty of regrettably revealing pictures floating around these days; the good news is their existence is usually limited to a five to 10-second interval before they disappear forever. Hence the whole Polaroid, caught-in-the-act scenario is a rarity at worst, but it's immortalized forever in '90s TV shows. What a decade.

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#5 Friends, "The One With The Videotape"

This wouldn't happen today: Watching a sex tape... on your VHS player

Gathered around an archaic TV that could only ever exist in the '90s, our favorite crew settles in to watch quite possibly the weakest "sex tape" of all time. This is that scary era when a "sex tape" was a literal "tape," and mankind accepted VHS players as the best means to entertainment.

#6 Simpsons, “Bart Sells His Soul”

This wouldn't happen today: Children mad for a game called Pogs.

Pogs was a ‘90s grade school take on gambling. Kids would cluster around with their cartoon-illustrated chips and compete with one another hoping to leave the game with more chips than they started with. To explain the game's premise, for those unfamiliar with it:

Players contribute equal amount of chips to build a stack of chips, and then take turns throwing the "slammer" on top of the stack.

Whoever threw the slammer down takes away the amount of chips "face up."

Winner of the game is the player with the most chips after all the chips have been claimed off of the original stack.

This comes as no surprise, a show with a viewing audience spanning multiple generations would include such an iconic game within one of its episodes.

Our beloved Bart Simpson sells away his soul, attempts to get it back, and finds out the kid in possession of his soul has sold it off for a stack of Alf Pogs. These silly little chips were such a rage back then that it almost makes sense they'd be worth the price of someone's soul. Terrifying, yes?

We're just not going to see a show make an effort to reference such a bizarre gambling-esque game because nobody nowadays knows what in the hell Pog is. The reality is, most of us associate P.O.G. with the delightfully thirst-quenching tropical fruit drink.

#7 Dawson’s Creek, “The Kiss”

This wouldn't happen today: Casually dropping references to X-Files in a conversation.

Dawson's Creek was a men-sporting-middle-parts mess of a teen drama revolving around the first world struggles of dealing with adolescence in a middle class coastal town. At one point in Dawson's Creek, Pacey nonchalantly drops an X-Files reference when he complains about Mulder and Scully not having kissed in a recent episode. X-Files was the show folks of the 90's should have been watching when they caught themselves watching Dawson's Creek. Nowadays we might catch a re-run here and there, but to mention an episode in a conversation would just be unprecedented.

#8 Press Gang, “A Quarter to Midnight”

This wouldn't happen today: A newspaper crew writing their articles with typewriters.

Press Gang's intro montage is a haunting blend of typewriting sound effects and sporadic trumpet blares that suggest it's a show not worth watching. On top of this, as an audience we follow a gang of young adults working to keep The Junior Gazette up and running. The likelihood of coming across a rag tag crew of teens running a newspaper (no matter how poor the quality) written on typewriters is nowadays, thankfully, slim to none.

#9 Saved By The Bell

This wouldn't happen today: Using a "brick phone."

These days, our phones are designed to be as slim and efficiently portable as possible. The computerized brick we catch Saved By the Bell's Zack Morris lugging around/using in public more often than a person with social awareness would is a testament to how far we've come since the "mobile stone age" of the 90's. Worst case scenario, we might break out a rudimentary flip phone if our smartphones are on the fritz, but never will we take it back to the brick phone.

#10 Dawson’s Creek, “Pilot”

This wouldn't happen today: Going to a movie store where you fill out paperwork to rent a "tape."

The pilot episode reflects that confusing time when a mindless action flick or Lost marathon wasn't a few short button clicks away. Instead, folks had to get active and make trips to movie stores, which have practically gone extinct at this point thanks to online streaming services. Gone are the days young adolescent men like Pacey and Dawson could help unrealistically attractive middle-aged women fill out forms to rent their next favorite film; it's just too bad, really, but it does make us grateful for these throwback 90s tv shows.