10 Eerie Eye Makeup Designs That Will Take Your Halloween Costume To The Next Level.

By Sumaiya Ghani in Amazing On 16th October 2015

1. Maleficent

This will spook just about anyone who crosses your path.

2. Spooky

This Halloween, take your Scary costume up a notch with this elegant eye makeup.

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4. The Mad Hatter

Let the people get mad on halloween.

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5. Beetlejuice

This look is simple but has enough color to keep you in the Halloween spirit!

#6 Scary

This is scary beautiful.

#7 Wow Bats!

This spooky and sexy look is made complete by rhinestones under your waterline.

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#8 Sally

Let the Halloween night come alive with this look!

#9 The Riddler

You'll have people questioning how you got a cat flick like that!

10. Blood Shot

This look is a great example of the fear you'll be giving on Halloween.