10 Funniest Moments in Wrestling History

By Sughra Hafeez in Funny On 22nd August 2015

#1 The Feud Between Andy Kaufman And Jerry Lawler

The hilarious Andy Kaufman taught the world what shock comedy really is when he engaged in a feud with hall of fame wrestler Jerry "The King" Lawler. A great story line that saw Kaufman fight multiple women and get slapped by Lawler on Letterman, this wrestling feud will always be remembered as one of the funniest.

#2 Mick Foley Presents This Is Your Life

Mick Foley is known to enjoy a good laugh, and on one of the most watched moments in wrestling history he did just that. Throwing an unexpected celebration for The Rock, his former tag team partner, Mick Foley did everything right from filling the ring with balloons to surprising Rock with his sixth grade teacher.

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#3 Kurt Angle Gets Owned By Edge

Is there anything better than a good old fashioned wrestling rivalry? When Kurt Angle and Edge were dealing with their issues they often came face to face with each other in epic backstage confrontations. None compare to this special moment however.

#4 D Generation X Makes Fun Of The McMahons

There's nothing funnier than a good impersonation, especially when it's of someone as high strung as Vince McMahon and his family. The lovable tag team of Shawn Michaels and Triple H showed they've got a decent funny bone when they came to the ring dressed as the McMahons. As expected, the crowd loved it.

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#5 The Rock Sings For Sacramento

The Rock is no stranger to the guitar, and on what seemed to be a usual trip to Sacramento, he showed all of his musical talents in a hilarious song dedicated to the towns people. Sing it Rock!

#6 Dusty Rhodes Gets Really Excited About A Bicycle

We all knew Dusty Rhodes was great in the ring, but nobody realized how entertaining he was behind the mic until this epic moment.

#7 Daniel Bryan And Kane Go To Anger Management

How do you treat the anger of someone like Kane or Daniel Bryan? Anger management of course. In a comedy premise that was bound to succeed, Kane and Daniel Bryan clashed with each other in front of a soft-spoken therapist. Now that is comedy gold

#8 When Mr. McMahon Got A Surprise Visit In The Hospital

#9 Ric Flair Vs. Kurt Angle Woo Off

Ric Flair has one of the greatest catchphrases in wrestling history, and when Kurt Angle tried to mock it, Flair erupted. The result - an amazing, face to face woo-off.

#10 Chris Jericho Pees In William Regal's Tea

Poor William Regal. All he wanted to do was enjoy a nice cup of tea, but Chris Jericho had to go ahead and tamper with his cup. This funny moment brought to you by The Lion Heart himself.