10 Good Ways to Look Sober When You Really Aren’t

By Editorial Staff in Life Style On 29th August 2015

1. Think of the morning when it’s still evening!

Take preventive steps before you hit the sack. Once you arrive home do one simple thing drink some more! And no, we are not talking about booze. Let it be plain water. Hangover happens when the body is dehydrated. And we all know that alcohol makes us lose a lot of liquids. The question is how much water should you drink before you go to bed? The answer lies in your stomach drink as much as you can. We recommend you should have a glass of fresh water by your bed just in case you wake up at night thirsty. One more thing to do to avoid puffy eyes is to sleep on two pillows instead of one so that your head would be elevated.

2. Apply Moisturizer

The next morning take shower or soak in bubble bath. Wash your hair and brush your teeth, too. All these procedures are necessary simply because excessive sweating as well as bad breath is the way in which our body is trying to get rid of alcohol intoxication. After you take shower apply a highly moisturizing cream on your face. Make sure that the cream you are using is rich in nutrients as well. Even better if you have rosy oil a great means to improve your skin condition and help your skin recover after partying, dehydration and dryness. Most of us do not even suspect how many vitamins, minerals and other nutrients our skin and our whole organism loses when we consume too much alcohol.

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3. Puffiness

Puffy eyes and face will always betray you. People will know at once that the previous night you had had too much to drink. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to avoid puffy eyes. Use cucumber slices, chilled metal spoons or green tea bags. Put any of the items on your eyes to de-puff the area. You can also massage your eye lids or put cooling gel and serum. A slight massage will move the excessive liquid from the outer to the inner corners and nose. You should be very cautious, though, because it's easy to damage the tender skin and cause unnecessary redness. If partying is a common thing in your life, we suggest you should keep ice cubes with herbal water in the freezer just in case. Ice cubes are also of great help to those who never drink yet they know that eye puffiness is their inborn issue. Since ice cubes is a natural way to reduce puffiness, you can use them every morning. The best herbs to use to form ice cubes are mint and eucalyptus. Finally, eye drops is a good rescue for red eyes.

4. How to Use Concealer

Another beauty product that you can apply to hide hangover is concealer. It's all about your skills. Those who have already mastered the art know that this product is a real must-have that can cover up the previous night's escapades. Concealers are manufactured with different undertones. Look in the mirror and see if your under-eye circles bluish. If so, then what you need is concealer with yellow undertone. It does not really matter what brand of product you use. The point is to apply it with an extremely light touch. Do not try to highlight the under-eye area. Your mission is to do all possible to draw other people's attention away from the area. Before applying the product make sure your hands are warm, otherwise it will be too difficult to properly blend in the concealer and the look will be unnatural and cakey.

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5. Use a color corrector

Color correctors are a powerful tool when you know how to apply them in the right way. Examine your face and determine what color you should use to conceal unwanted skin tone. Hide ruddiness with a green corrector, while blue circles around your eyes can be camouflaged with a yellow corrector. You can also use primers that contain all of the colors to solve all kinds of issues in one single step: hide blackheads, blood vessels and any uneven skin tone.

6. Apply blush on the apples of your cheeks

Despite the fact that you might not feel fresh, we can teach you how to look fresh in a matter of minutes. Use some cream blush before your foundation. Besides some additional moisture it will blend with foundation and give you fresh-faced look. Do not use blush of darker shades because you can overdose and the look will be visibly fake. The best choice would be pastel pink or coral shades.

7. Apply foundation lightly

Some professionals say that applying foundation on a puffy face can only draw even more unwanted attention. What we recommend is to use highly moistening and rich foundation. The point is to apply only a small amount. If you apply blush before foundation it will give you even a better, fresher, and healthier look. Use special applicators and other tools to apply your make-up. What you will need is a clean soft sponge and a wide brush. If you apply make-up using your fingers it increases the risk to spread bacteria, which in your case will only make the situation worse. Irritated and blemished skin is the last thing you would want.

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8. Time for the eyes

The more natural shades of eye shadow you use the better and fresher you look. Follow this simple rule when you are trying to hide hangover. We advise you to avoid dark shades of eyeliners. The darker your eyeliner and shadow are, the more attention they will draw to your tired face and red eyes. Give preference to nude make-up. Use neutral shades of eyeliners and refrain from blue or purple colors. If you feel like brightening your eyes and making them look bigger, we suggest you should use white eyeliner on your inner rims. Eye shadow should be matte rather than glitter. Plus, do not use powder so that your dried-out skin wouldn't look cakey. Apply a small amount of cream instead.

9. Time for an up-do

No doubt first thing you should do next morning after the party is to wash your hair. Use dry shampoo if you are short of time. This simple procedure will help you get rid of the last night's cigarette smell. Clean and fragrant hair thrown into a simple ponytail is a great option. Your hair that is pulled back will lift your saggy facial features which will make you look far better. If a ponytail is not your style, then try a bun or a twist. Either you choose a ponytail or a bun, do not pull your hair too tight. Trust us, there is absolutely no need to do anything more strenuous with your hair than a simple ponytail or a twist.

10. Having a cup of your favorite beverage

Whether you love coffee or prefer tea, try and have a cup of some hot caffeinated beverage. Coffee as well as green tea will wake you up and alleviate headache. These great drinks are capable of improving your attention and concentration. Be careful with caffeine though. Too much of this substance might dehydrate you and make you look worse. You might not know, but the fact is that green tea contains more caffeine than coffee. One cup in the morning will not do any harm, though. Of course, you should drink plenty of plain water throughout the day. If you feel fine and do not suffer from stomachache, have a light breakfast a small bowl of oatmeal, fruit or yogurt.