10 Halloween Displays That Shocked The World. #10 Looks So Real And Scary

By Johny in Geeks and Gaming On 15th October 2015

#1 Grass Cutter Crushing A Man.

#2 All the bad kids are closed in a jail .. They will come out in the night.

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#4 Hanged And disclosing secrets of body. No need of Postmoterm

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#5 House Infected by Ebola... It could kill you.

#6 Rating the performance of pumpkins.Nice Act dude.

#7 Neighbour call the police for this act. They thought, He is giving him real shocks LOL

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#8 Just a dummy on the way. but it can scare the hell out of people in night.

#9 Damn!! That looks real.. Killed and Hanged.

#10 Close-Up Of the Man hanging. Well it's not a man it's just a dummy with some extra make-up.