10 Hidden WhatsApp Features You Didn’t Know Existed

Posted by Editorial Staff in Science and Technology On 4th December 2016

WhatsApp is the most popular message chat App in the world and there are lots of features that make it more beautiful. So here is a list of tips and tricks that you may not have known exist in WhatsApp.

#1 Bold, italics, strike-through

To bold, simply add (*) to the beginning and end of the word. Similarly, you can italicise by adding (_) to the beginning and the end and strike a word by adding (~).


#2 Change an unsuspecting friend’s profile picture to a monkey

Go to contacts and copy your friend's number. Rename the monkey image with your friend's number, taking out the (+) then paste the image to his/her WhatsApp profile picture, and there you go, your friend is now a monkey.

#3 No more Blue ticks

After opening settings on the app go to account and then privacy. Uncheck the ‘read receipts'. However, this trick has a drawback which is that you won't be able to see if people have read your messages either.


#4 Tricking the Blue tick

Once you have received a message, go to the phones settings and change the configuration to ‘airplane mode'. Now when you open the message the sender won't see the blue ticks until you open WhatsApp again.

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