10 Of The Most Amazing Trees From Around The Globe

Posted by Michael Avery in Nature and Travel On 13th March 2018

Tree's might look like boring mundane items but not all trees are made equally. Come with me and let's take a trip around the world to see 10 of the most magnificent trees you will ever see. You'll want to visit them yourself after you're done.

California Redwood

These breathtakingly tall trees are only found in the great redwood forest out in California. These spectacular trees are actually the tallest trees you will find anywhere on Earth. Just look at how big they get.


Dragon's Blood Trees

Dragon's blood trees are located on Socotra island and draw their name from the deep crimson color of their sap. The sap is used to make dye, various folk remedies, tea, and varnish for violins.

"Dark Hedges"

If you think you've seen this Beech Tree tunnel before you probably have as it was featured in Game of Thrones. The tunnel, found in Northern Ireland, was planted by an Irish man in the 18th century who wanted to impress visitors as they came towards his home. It's an absolutely creepy place to be at night.


Japanese Maple Tree

You would normally find these beautiful multicolored trees growing in East Asia but this amazing tree, in particular, can be found in Portland, Oregon.

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