10 Of The Most Wtf News Moments From The Month Of September

By Johny in News On 19th September 2015

#1 Tutankhamun was mummified with fully erect penis

When the ‘boy king' Tutankhamun was mummified, one part of him was man-sized his enormous hard-on.

Now experts believe that his eternal erection was intended to make King Tut look like the ancient Egyptian God Osiris.

Shortly after Tut was discovered, his mummified organ broke off leading to rumours that someone had stolen his penis.

Salima Ikram of Cairo's American University said that the penis which stands at a 90 degree angle was mummified erect to symbolize the God's power of regeneration.

Ikram writes, ‘As far as I know, no other mummy has been found thus far with an erect penis.

#2 Carol Vorderman fell off a treadmill whilst running naked

We've heard of sleeping naked and even wandering about around the house naked but when it comes to Carol Vorderman exercising naked is also the norm.

However, she might rethink her get-up next time as a naked stint on the treadmill on Wednesday saw her suffering a nasty blunder and ended up covered in bruises, burns and doctors dressings. Ouchie.

(Granted, she wasn't at her local Fitness First getting hot and sweaty whilst starkers she was using the gym in her home).

The 54-year-old TV star and MBE made the revelation on Twitter when discussing a friend's ‘pain' at how predicted text on her phone auto-corrected a text message so ‘tests' read ‘tw*ts'.

But getting one up on her pal, Carol shared her embarrassing exercise story, whilst at the same time revealing her birthday suit error.

But she was ready to admit that, despite once being the Countdown numbers queen, she too can lack commonsense:

Unfortunately for Carol, she's had no better luck today and has rushed back to the doctors after twisting her knee:

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#3 Meet the woman who confirmed Trump’s hair is no toupee

GREENVILLE, South Carolina It's not every day you get to meet a presidential candidate, let alone get invited up on stage to touch their hair.

So when Mary Margaret Bannister attended Thursday's Upstate Chamber Presidential Series with her husband here to hear what Donald Trump had to say, she never imagined she would be onstage in front of 1,400 performing an impromptu inspection of the alleged Trump toupee.

"It was a very bizarre experience," Bannister told CNN. "You know, I was just listening to the speech and then it just kind of happened. He made eye contact with me," she said.

Trump called on Bannister randomly and swears he's never met her before, so in theory, Bannister was an impartial toupee-tester, or follicle feeler, per se.

"I think he definitely had in mind that he wanted to tell everybody that his hair was real and needed someone to come up," the stay-at-home mother of four and former school teacher told CNN.

Bannister, a registered Republican who happens to be married to the South Carolina House Majority Leader Rep. Bruce Bannister, said she was in disbelief about what transpired.

After a brief feel and laugh, Bannister confirmed to the attendees and the rest of the world on live television that the real estate mogul turned front-running presidential candidate did, in fact, have real hair and was not wearing a toupee as was referenced in Thursday morning's New York Times, which is what catalyzed Trump's whole schtick in the first place.

"To me it looked real. It was not a toupee," Bannister told CNN.

"When I approached him, he kind of leaned toward me, put his head toward me, and asked me to touch his hair."

She said she was careful not to pull Trump's do, and that she was, in fact, able to see his roots.

As for the product used? Bannister said it's definitely a combination of hair gel and hairspray. While there was no confirmation from Trump on the gel, he did confirm the hairspray, telling Bannister onstage before the feel "we don't want to mess it up too much, because I do use hairspray."

Bannister described the situation as comical and entertaining. But will her hairy encounter with Trump now cause her to vote for "The Donald?" She still wants to hear more from him, she said.

"He is an interesting man to listen to," Bannister added. "He keeps the crowd intrigued by what he has to say."

#4 'What must her family would be thinking?' A woman uploaded a picture to Facebook and Reddit went into meltdown

The image, of two young women in what appears to be student accommodation, was viewed more than one million times after it was posted on Imgur

In the top right hand corner of the picture, unbeknown to the two girls, lurked what can only be described as a dual-use sex toy.

Underneath the photo, the original poster wrote: "I wonder what her family members are thinking right now?"

The rubber implement, which has a human hand modelled at each end, caused much hilarity online.

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#5 Woman ‘brings cat on to plane, punches cabin crew and threatens to bring the flight down’

A flight had to be escorted to an airport by fighter jets after a passenger allegedly threw a tantrum over the treatment of her cat recently

The trouble started when it transpired a woman on a Condor Airline flight from Las Vegas to Frankfurt last week had brought her cat onto the plane in her purse, according to other passengers.

Upon discovering this the cabin crew took the cat off the woman and put it in a lavatory, at which point the woman allegedly flew into a rage and punched one of the female flight staff.

The situation escalated when the woman allegedly claimed to ‘bring this plane down', prompting an emergency landing in Denver and an escort by fighter jets.

#6 Kerry Katona's depressed pet PEACOCK Trevor has his own Twitter account but what will her neighbors say?

Kerry had to put up with jibes that she would "lower the tone" of Crowborough when she moved to East Sussex but seems to have won the locals over.

Kerry Katona has welcomed a new addition to her family in the form of Trevor the Peacock.

After moving to her new six-bed home in Crowborough, East Sussex, with her husband and five children earlier this month, the former Atomic Kitten star added the colorful feathered friend to her brood.

She has even set up a Twitter account for her new pet under the handle @trev_pcock - and he already has more than 400 followers.

But all is not rosy in the world of Trevor Katona - he describes himself on social media as a "depressed peacock going through puberty".

Particularly close to Kerry's eldest daughter Molly, Trev can join in family mealtimes as his favorite food is prawn crackers.

Videos on his Twitter page show Kerry and her daughter Molly regularly feeding the bird the Asian snack with him eagerly pecking away out of their hands.

The 34-year-old, who won I'm a Celebrity in 2004, made the move after leaving her home in Oxfordshire, which she believed was haunted.

The TV star, who even paid for an exorcism, has relocated 110 miles away.

Crowborough residents reportedly accused the star of "lowering the tone" of their town - claiming she will "drive down" property prices.

But they have now welcomed the family into their new home following an open letter written by her daughter Lily.

It read: "Dear Crowborough, it's Lilly here one of the newest locals, I'm excited to meet you all apart from a little hate going round.

"Please remember everyone who is hiding behind screens typing hurtful words you are not just slagging off my mum but her children too!

"Except I would love to thank everyone else in my new village for standing up for us all so excited to meet you all and know that once you know us and my mum we'll all get on."

#7 Kanye West announces he will run for PRESIDENT in 2020 in his MTV VMAs acceptance speech

Kanye West announced he was running for president in 2020 during the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday.

The bold declaration came at the end of an epic acceptance speech for a lifetime achievement award.

Taylor Swift honored the star with a gushing introduction that was a nod to their first encounter, in which the 38-year-old famously rushed the stage when Taylor Swift accepted an award back in 2009, claiming that his friend Beyonce was a more worthy recipient.

To wrap up his speech on Sunday, Kanye simply said: 'As you probably could've guessed by this moment, I have decided, in 2020, to run for president.'

He had, however, announced earlier in the epic speech that he had smoked a joint before heading up on stage.

‘Y'all might be thinking right now, "I wonder did he smoke something before he came out here?" And the answer is yes, I rolled up a little something, I knocked the edge off,' he said.

#8 A Mexican man says his 19-inch penis is ruining his life

ROBERTO Esquivel Cabrera has just set a world record for having the longest penis.

The 52-year-old Mexican measured in at a whopping 18.9 inches (48.2cm), with a tip circumference of 10 inches (25cm), at certification by World Record Academy officials yesterday.

Mr Cabrera had been hoping for recognition by Guinness World Records but had to settle for the less famous certified after Guinness confirmed it had no category for penis size.

The World Record Academy stepped in after Mr Cabrera shared his story with a local journalist in an interview that was picked up by the world press over the weekend.

He told how his massive member had ruined his life, preventing him from having a relationship and even getting a job.

"Look where it is, it goes far below the knees," Mr Cabrera said.

"I cannot do anything, I cannot work, and I am disabled so I want authorities to declare me as a disabled person and give me support."

Women were too frightened to have sex with him, so he had never had a long-term girlfriend, let alone a wife.

#9 Blind people can be racist, too, study says

A person may not have to "see color" to be racist. Some blind people, just like sighted people, make judgments about others based on their race, according to a new study.

The findings come from interviews conducted in person and over the phone with 25 people who were either born blind or severely visually impaired, or who lost their sight as children or adults. A researcher asked the participants, most of whom lived in the northeast United States, about whether they thought about race and also how it affected their feelings about a person.

The study found that blind people can still have racial stereotypes, but "in all cases it takes them longer to categorize people by race and there is more ambiguity," said Asia M. Friedman, an assistant professor of sociology and criminal justice at University of Delaware, who conducted the study.

The study was presented Tuesday at the American Sociological Association annual meeting, but has not been published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

Friedman found that five of the nine respondents who were blind since birth or early childhood reported that they did not think at all about a person's appearance. And according to some respondents, the inability to know a person's race kept them from making snap judgments about them, which is a "good thing," Friedman said. One person she interviewed explained that being blind makes it harder to "judge someone visually right off the top of your head."

However, the study participants said even as they don't think about physical attributes, they put people into racial categories based on nonvisual cues, such as voices and names. Those mental calculations sometimes led them to make predictions about a person's lifestyle, behavior and socioeconomic class. As one respondent put it, being blind does not mean that they were "absolved from being a racist."

#10 Man who had a 'comedy' penis tattooed onto his thigh has had it lasered off in a bid to win back his furious wife

A husband labelled 'Britain's biggest idiot' when he tattooed a comedy penis on his own leg is hoping to win back his fed-up wife's heart - after having it lasered off.

Hapless husband Stuart Valentino inked the penis on his left thigh earlier this year, positioning it so its top end poked out of his boxer shorts.

However, wife Samantha hit the roof when she saw it, and kicked the father-of-four out of their family home in Southsea, Hampshire, asking for a divorce.

Gutted Stuart then vowed to remove the inking. His only option - bar having his leg sawn off - was to have the six-inch member burned off using a painful laser procedure.

But now that he's had it done, the 34-year-old hopes the 'castration' will help him win back the love of his life.

The lorry driver said: 'My wife hated it. In retrospect, I'm not surprised, it really is the stupidest thing I've ever done.

'After I did it, my wife woke up in the morning screaming, because there was this massive penis poking out of the duvet...and the tattoo on my leg!

'It caused no end of rows, and she kicked me out. I deserve it, I suppose.'

He added: 'I had no idea that a joke could ruin my life. I'm devastated I've lost my family, and frustrated with myself. I can't blame anyone else.

'It hurt like hell getting it removed, but it's the best thing that I could do, short of amputation.'