10 People Who Lost Their Jobs After Posting Inappropriate Photos On Instagram

By Johny in Bizarre On 15th October 2015

#1 Alejandro Rhett was serving as the vice president of men’s merchandising at the company J-Crew. He got fired after posting this image on instagram. The owner of company said We do not condone this behavior in any way.

#2 The Day Care Worker got fired after posting a picture of kid that was not happy with her class. Employer didn't find it funny at all and fired her.

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#4 Jefferson Wade Groom was a single father living in Brooklyn and working as a salesman at a Lacoste store in New York City. Some things are private. It should not be disclose to everyone. LaCoste Company fired him for this reason.

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#5 Jon Jones. The former UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) Heavy weight champioin got fired from UFC because he trusted some people and gave away his personal account access to them which ruin his carreer and put him in trouble

#6 A staff memeber of an assisted living facility got fired when he posted some pictures of clients right from the toilet. This company take care of their clients by all means and such type of activity will not be tolerated that's why company fired him.

#7 Tatiana Kulikova was a paramedic who thought that it would be funny to take some offensive pictures of patients. She not just capture that images but also uploaded it on Social network which lead to lose her job. At the time when patiend is in need. she make fun of them. and at the end got fired.

#8 Colorado visual arts high school teacher Traci Gauthier was fired because of posting a picture of a boy and said she don't like him. She hate him.

#9 Katie Duke -- Nurse. She is from New York. She was working as a nurse in York-Presbyterian Hospital for seven years. Her journey ends when she posted picture of lab completely ruined. It was not clean and she got fired for that reason.

#10 Zahra Schreiber was hoping to be a WWE Diva as of the summer of 2015. Her career ended before start. SHe posted some Pro-Nazi images and unable to defend it. She tried to apologize but it was too late and she lost her job.