10 Photos Of Miserable Men Stuck In A Shopping Mall With Their Women Is The Funniest Thing You Will See Today

Posted by Sama in Funny On 13th May 2020

We all know what happens when women take their men to the shopping mall. The shopping which was meant to last for only an hour ends up into several hours and the helplessness men feel is not difficult to decipher. To sum up their feeling, Instagram user Miserable Men (@miserable_men) combined photos of helpless men stuck with their ladies at the shopping malls, and the pictures are here to speak for their words.


#1 Going through all the gallery pictures for the 100th time now


#2 We are sure this man is taking his 4th or 5th nap by now


#3 At least he is comfortable with the place where he is sitting

#4 Man probably thinking in his mind, "What did I do to deserve this torture?"


#5 He is dead tired for sure!

#6 This one is literally on the verge of tears...

#7 Ugh...regretting on all the life choices made so far

#8 Bored and bored

#9 We can feel for this man

#10 Oh yeah, since we are here, why not make this place a picnic point