10 Puzzles That Will Blow Your Mind

By Editorial Staff in Puzzle On 2nd February 2017

#1 It has many teeth but eats nothing. What is it?

#2 We throw the husk away and eat the seeds. What is it?

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#3 Who can speak every language?

#4 What travels around the world, but stays in one spot?

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#5 What is tall when it’s young and short when it’s old?

#6 How do you throw a ball so that it comes back to your hands?

#7 What belongs to you but others use it?

#8 How can a person not sleep for 8 days?

#9 What goes uphill or downhill, but always stays in one place?

#10 What has a head but no brain?

#11 Answers:

1. A Comb

2. Corn

3. An Echo

4. A Stamp

5. A Candle

6. Upwards

7. Your Name

8. By Sleeping At Night

9. A Road

10. Garlic