10 Secrets You Should Know About WWE Diva Paige

Posted by Umar Yousaf in Sports On 1st December 2016

#1 She was only 13 years old when her brother died.

Paige was so upset about her brother's death.


#2 She’s now in a relationship with ex WWE star Alberto Del Rio.

They look amazing as a couple. They were caught in a picture where they were kissing each other.


#3 Her Mom: Sweet Saraya is her best friend

Paige and her mother were once tag team champions.

#4 She’s one of the highest-paid WWE Stars.

Her current net worth is about 3.5 Million Dollars.


#5 She has 3 Cats And 3 Dogs.

She's pure from the heart.

#6 Her family currently owns a wrestling promotion.

They love wrestling.

#7 Paige has 2 Tattoos dedicated to Alberto Del Rio.

What a Lovely Couple.

#8 Paige is Bisexual.

I think, everyone knows that.


#9 She was engaged to Kevin Skaff.

#10 Paige also has a documentary about herself.