10 Signs Your Partner Is Cheating On You

By Editorial Staff in Life Style On 23rd August 2015

#1 Your partner will pay extra attention to his/her looks and apperance

When all of a sudden, your partner starts paying extra attention towards their look or try to get more attractive physically than this is a sure shot sign something is wrong. Your partner must be looking out for someone and wants to ensure hot chics/guys are attracted towards him/her.

#2 Your Partner will start Accusing you

To overcome the guilt of cheating, your partner will start accusing you for small things so that matter revolves around you. In this way your partner will easily deceive the matter and will never let blames of cheating fall for him/her.

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#3 Your partner suddenly demands privacy, hides messages and other data.

Cheating partner may lock their phone and change common passwords you both share (of social networking sites), this is just to ensure that there is no way to trap his/her affair. Suddenly, your partner will call or text secretly when you are not watching or sleeping, try to pay extra attention towards his/her deeds without letting your partner know you are observing their actions. Check if your partner deletes call logs or text messages and have a lock on hidden apps, your partner may save the number of his/her beloved one with a fake name so be alert if you find anything suspicious.

#4 Your partner surprises you with unexpected gifts

The best way to overcome cheating guilt is to shower you with unexpected gifts, Cheating partner often uses this tendency to make up for his/her affair. You will find it so romantic, but it is significant that your partner is hiding something from you.

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#5 Your partner will show less interest in you

If your partner is cheating, he/she will find ways to spend less time with you and whenever you catch them up in a meeting with unknown people they will give an accuse that it's an official meeting or they are sorting out their friends matter. Cheaters know how to convince you when they are caught, so next time when they introduce new sister/ brother or office mate be alert otherwise you will end up being fooled by their story.

#6 Your partner is cheerful and happy while returning home

If your partner is cheating on you then he/she will be happy without any reason, instead of being tired they will return home with a refreshing mood. They will chase around you to make sure you don't catch them.

#7 Your Partner plans out a business trip or ask you to go away for a vacation

Your partner may need some space during his/her extra affair, for this purpose, either your partner will plan a frequent trips and business trips alone or will ask you to go out on a trip. After all cheating mate needs some personal time with his/her new crush so next time you are experiencing such a behaviour plan a surprise visit to clear your doubts.

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#8 Your partner gives Vague Details

Your partner might end up telling so many lies to you that at the end his/her details turn out to be vague. You might be wondering why a partner is hiding little things or giving you false explanations, it is a clear sign you are being cheated.

#9 Your Partner spends more time on laptop or computer

Keeping work and important things aside, if your partner is spending time with gadgets in odd hours than it's a sign he/she is cheating on you. Have a look at website or chat room, he/she is visiting

#10 If your intuition is saying something is wrong

You and your partner are connected with an inner bond, once your better half starts cheating on you, you will feel dullness in your bond. You will see a change in your partner's behavior or your partner will spend less time with you. If you have an instinct go through the signs below, this is a sure sign your partner is cheating.