10 Things Old School Fans Miss About Wrestling

Posted by Editorial Staff in Sports On 23rd February 2017

Old school WWE fans used to have to wait months just to see their favorite superstars face off against anyone who had their own action figures. If they wanted to watch a big event, they had to actually watch it live or get their moms to tape it on a VHS. There are a LOT of things the younger generation of WWE fans miss out on while they soak up their on-demand 24/7 wrestling content. Most of the amazing ridiculousness of the 80s and 90s have vanished from the current landscape. Let's see ten amazing things that old school fans miss about professional wrestling.


#1 Jobs as gimmicks

Back in the day a wrestler's gimmick was basically a regular job turned evil. They were tax attorneys or evil dentists or evil clowns or evil garbage men. If it sounds stupid, well, that's because it was. But that's what made it fun.


#2 Blading

Seeing wrestlers bleed didn't make old school fans want to go out and cut up our friends' forehead when were kids. It just made us want to squirt ketchup packets on each other, which is delicious.


#3 Overweight wrestlers

Where have all the husky men gone? Overweight wrestlers used to be a staple of the wrestling landscape. Their impressive girth always made their moves look more painful than an average sized superstar. They could turn a simple bear hug into a crushing maneuver and don't even get me started on their splashes. Every large wrestler had a great splash that they could use to break a babyface's ribs.

#4 The Blue Cage

Just look at the glory of the blue cage. Visually, it was a much more impressive structure than the normal, chain-length fence that you can see sitting in your own backyard. The blue cage was likely abandoned because it was so freaking heavy, but the weight of the steel is what made it look so dangerous.

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