10 Upsetting Things About Candies You Will Wish You Didn't Know

By Muk Khatri in Facts and DIY On 24th April 2020

#1 Ammonia

Peanut butter and chocolate can contain ammonia, a chemical that's also used in industrial cleaners.


#2 Sugar

The final step in making table sugar includes filtering and bleaching it with bone char derived from cows.

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#3 Bright White Color

Lots of candies use titanium dioxide for a bright white color - but this chemical is also used in sunscreen and paint!


#4 Carnauba Wax

Gummy bears, Skittles and other gummy fruit snacks get their shiny exterior from carnauba wax, which is a key ingredient in car wax!

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#5 Shiny Coat

Shellac, the coating that makes jelly beans and candy corn so shiny, is made from the secretions of an insect!


#6 White Chocolate

White chocolate is not actually chocolate, but i made up of cocoa fat, sugar and additives.


#7 Red Food Coloring

Red food coloring often uses carmine, which is composed of boiled, ground up cochineal insects!


#8 Carrageenan

Some gummy candies use carrageenan, a stabilizing agent made from seaweed!


#9 Gelatin

If you thought all candy was vegetarian friendly, think again: lots of candy contains gelatin which is made from animal skin and bones.


#10 Vanilla Flavoring

Vanilla flavoring often comes from castoreum, an ingredient extracted from a sac near the anal gland of a beaver.