10 Weird Foods From Around The Globe

Posted by Michael Avery in Food On 18th January 2018

You know what would make you lose your appetite right now? Seeing a list of gross foods from all over the world. You don't have to thank me, just check them all out. A special shout out to America for having the most bizarre dish.

#1 In Sweden you can enjoy surstomming.

Surstomming is basically herring that has been fermented for several months before consumption. The fish is caught during the spring months and are then fermented for months, first in barrels and then in tin cans, before they are ready to eat. It's said that the smell of this fish is like no other. I will take their word for it.


#2 The Japanse love puffer fish.

This particular delicacy might be very tasty but it can kill you if you're not careful. The puffer fish is highly toxic with a poison residing in its body that is over a thousand times more powerful than cyanide. If you request this dish in Japan you have to make sure that the chef is properly trained to prepare it. In fact, it's illegal for a nonliscensed chef to make it. Talk about a risky meal.

#3 Cambodians love their fried tarantula.

Street vendors in Cambodia catch wild tarantulas found in the jungle and fry them up. They are then consumed whole. Tourists come from all over the world to taste this treat which is said to be amazing. It might be cliche but they claim it tastes just like chicken.


#4 Balut is whats for dinner in the Philippines.

Fertilized eggs or Balut as it's called in the Philippines is a strange dish that is as popular there as hot dogs are in America. The eggs are boiled a few days before they are set to hatch so that you get the yolk and the fetus of whatever kind of bird was in the egg. It's pretty freaking gross looking but they love it. They think of it as kind of an aphrodisiac. I will pass.

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