10-Year Old Brooklyn Boy Starts A Unique "Drag Club" To Help Children Of His Own Age To Build Confidence

Posted by Sama in Fashion On 8th January 2018

Desmond Napoles knows what he prefers in life, he knows what he desires and most importantly the 10-year old is comfortable in his own skin. Wanting the world to follow his steps and give them the confidence to accept themselves the way they are, Desmond has started a drag club exclusively for kids with no adults allowed.


Desmond Is Amazing

Drag clubs are nothing new in New York, but whats new is a drag club for children which is made by Desmond Napoles, 10. Desmond first expressed interest in dressing up at a very young age, getting support and expression of freedom from his parents the young child has made a drag club.

In order to encourage people to come out of the closet and live their true selves in life, this 10-year old boy is defying all the odds and teaching some very valuable lessons of life. Hailing from New York Desmond is better known by his drag name "Desmond Is Amazing."


Be Who You Are

Believing that there are more kids like him out there, Desmond wanted them to feel comfortable in their own skin. In an effort to do so, he has made a drag club for kids "Haus Of Amazing," this is first of its own kind where no adults are allowed.

Putting On His Own Mini Fashion Show

Talking about his own journey of true self-discovery, Desmond said that when he was younger he would use his mom's t-shirts, bed sheets, bubble wrap and towels to dress up. He would experiment with these dressing up as fashion icons and walking around the house in his mom's heels. He said, "Ever since day one...ever since I was able to walk, I used to take my mom's towels and take her heels and clomp around the house.[I'd] put the towel on my head, wrap a towel around my body and walk the runway down my house."

Want To Dress Up Like A Princess!

Growing up Desmond had a happy and loving childhood surrounded by dolls, colouring books and toy cars. On his sixth birthday, Desmond received an Elsa costume, enchanted by the beautiful dress, Desmond started to ask his parents for princess costumes for gift.


Journey Of Self-Discovery

Worried about their son's choice of dressing, Desmond's parents consulted a therapist. The therapist gave the best advice to the parents suggesting them to do nothing and let their son develop naturally, exploring his own tastes and true self in this journey.

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