103-Year-Old Celebrates Birthday By Dressing Up As Wonder Woman

By Editorial Staff in Feel Good On 18th October 2015

#1 Mary Cotter Just Turned 103! Whew!

Mary Cotter is a real-life Wonder Woman. The 103-year-old recently celebrated her birthday at the Montclair Senior Center, California, where she's been volunteering for the last 25 years.

#2 She Gets A Party At The Senior Center She Works At.

The energetic centenarian still lives alone and drives to and from the center five days a week whatever the weather. So a party was the least they could do for her.

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#3 She’s a real-life Wonder Woman. And now she’s got the T-shirt to prove it.

Mary's special birthday suit was a gift from her friends at the center, where she's been serving up coffee, tea and water as a volunteer for over two decades.

‘They call me the barmaid because I'm serving drinks,' she told ABC7 News.

#4 They Call Her The Barmaid When She Isn't Being Wonder Woman!

On her 103 birthday, at a party given in her honor, she served coffee, tea and water to some of her biggest friends. She is always on the go, even at her own party.

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#5 5 Cakes!

The senior center provided a huge birthday cake for their Wonder Woman, but with all the people there, 4 more were needed to feed those celebrating with Mary. She was blessed with lots of special gifts, including her Wonder Woman costume, which she just loved!

#6 She Stays Active.

The older we get, the less we're expected to care about our birthdays. While that may be true for some, it certainly wasn't true for 103-year-old Mary Cotter, who recently decided to show up to her birthday dressed as the superhero she is.

#7 Her Secret To a Long Healthy Life?

Asked to share her secret to long life and good health, Mary says: ‘Just keep busy I guess.' adding that her birthday was 'just another day.'

It seems she's a source of inspiration at the center, serving as a reminder that age is simply a number.

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#8 She's The Energizer Bunny!

"She's like the Energizer bunny that keeps on going," Montclair Senior Center spokesperson, Ester Vargas Pipersky, told The Huffington Post. "She refuses a sit-down job and just wants to keep going. She's very friendly to everyone... Everyone gets a kick out of her."

In 1930 Cotter helped her high-school win the state swim championship, she was a children's swim instructor into her 60s, and was still helping rescue see turtles in her 90s.