10+ Tough Work Challenges Plus-Size Models Don’t Usually Discuss

By Aleena in Real Life On 29th November 2023

Runway Realities: You'd think that runway shows would be the ultimate platform for diversity, right? But nope, many big brands are still sidelining plus-size models like they're stuck in the Stone Age. Victoria’s Secret? They've set up separate gigs for non-standard sizes, shutting doors on a unified runway.

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Underwear Overload: Ever noticed how plus-size models often end up in underwear shoots? It's like marketers can't wrap their heads around showcasing diverse clothing on diverse bodies. These models are more than just curves, but you wouldn't guess that from the shoot selection.

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Clothing Conundrum: Picture this: a plus-size model gets a gig to flaunt clothes, but here's the kicker—the organizers try to hide their bodies in the very clothes they're supposed to be selling! Talk about missing the mark on body positivity.


Shape-Up Pressure: Even within the plus-size scene, there's a specific body shape expectation. Think hourglass. So, these models hit the gym hard, not just for fitness but to fit into the 'necessary spots' checklist.

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Myth-Busting on Social: Take a scroll through a plus-size model's social media, and you'll see the truth: they're all about health and fitness, debunking the myth that they're paid to eat their way to 'plus-size.'

Fitness vs. Confidence: Here's a mind-boggler: when these models hit the gym, people assume it's because they hate their bodies. Nope! It's the opposite; it's their confidence booster. Sadly, the misconception persists.


Size Beyond Labels: You'd think the fashion world would want to ditch the labels, but nope, they’re stuck on "plus-size." These models are pros, first and foremost, and the size tag shouldn’t dictate their career.

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Smile, Don’t Shine: On shoots, they're often asked to just smile and look happy. But hey, these models exude confidence, and it's about time the industry recognized that. It’s not all about the grin!


Women vs. Women: Strangely enough, the harshest critics often turn out to be other women. The negative comments and stereotypes? Yeah, they're coming from within the same circle they're trying to change.

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Reclaiming "Fat": Some of these models turn the word "fat" into a statement. One couldn’t find a bikini, so she DIY-ed it and called it a "fatkini," turning it into a trend. Irony at its best!


Through it all, these models juggle criticism like pros and lean on their massive fan base for support. They're turning stereotypes on their heads while staying unapologetically themselves.

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