11 Annoying Things About Watching NFL Football

Posted by Michael Avery in Sports

America loves football.

Watching it, playing it, being an armchair coach and doing fantasy football. But besides the documentaries and motion pictures showing that the sport knew that concussions and Chronic traumatic encephalopathy that plagues players because of the game, it's perfect.

But there are some things that just annoy us about the game like...


1. The ball actually is only in play for 11 minutes during the average broadcast.

According to a Wall Street Journal study of four broadcasts back in 2010, the average amount of time that the ball is in play is only about 11 minutes.


2. The game is filled with commercials especially during the Superbowl.

In fact, in the average 174-minute broadcast, 60 minutes are devoted to commercials.


3. Players are more concerned with not getting fined than they are with making plays.

A touchdown dance? Roughing? Come on, man...


4. The quarterback gets special treatment.

It seems like they award 15-yard penalties for being mean to the QB.

5. The rules of the game are too convoluted

Officials basically just throw out flags because they feel like it. There are WAY too many rules in the NFL handbook to keep track of.


6. Redzone and NFL Sunday Ticket are so freaking expensive.


7. All offences are basically the same.

You could swap jerseys and it'd look exactly the same. Creativity is traded in for bland plays.

8. The regular season is POINTLESS because a team with 7 or 8 losses can make the playoffs.


9. Casual fans come to Superbowl parties to talk about the commercials.



10. The Superbowl used to be about the game now it's all about commercials.

The average Superbowl takes four and a half hours not including the pre-show and post-game show.

11. Rule changes seem to only benefit offensive players.

It's entirely unfair to the defense who have been forced to change the way they play.

But what do I know? I only love football more than my wife.


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