11 Celebrity Mysteries That Will Forever Be Unanswered

By Samantha in Entertainment On 4th September 2015

#1 Kurt Cobain: Courtney Love Responsible For His Death?

Kurt Cobain killed himself when he supposedly held a shotgun to his head and pulled the trigger. Or did he? Following his death in 1994, while it was known that the singer had been suffering from depression, it was believed that his relationship to spouse Courtney Love, was quite toxic to say the least. Reports went on to suggest that Love may have had something to do with the death, making up their theories on how the troubled 51-year-old drove Kurt to insanity, but still convinced that Courtney may have been the one with the shotgun in her hand. From what we know, Courtney adored Kurt maybe so much that she would take it to the extreme if things didn't go her way.

#2 Brittany Murphy’s Shower Death

Brittany Murphy's death is frightening to say the least. According to reputable outlets, the government allegedly killed the actress because she publicly backed Julia Davis, a Homeland Security whistle-blower who found out that the U.S was secretly letting terrorists into the country. Davis worked as border control in California, where she made the astounding revelation. Brittany's father, Angelo Bertolotti, says his daughter confided in him on numerous occasions; she was paranoid that she was constantly being watched even inside her home. Her husband, Simon Monjack (40), died five months later to pneumonia and anemia the exact same condition Brittany was said to have passed away from. Angelo isn't convinced; he is certain that both her daughter and his son-in-law were poisoned to keep the government's secrets out of the limelight.

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#3 Solange And Jay Z Elevator Incident

What happened in that elevator when Solange Knowles went totally crazy on Jay-Z? Many will remember the incident that took place at the Mat Gala after-party, which saw Solange enter the elevator with Jay, his bodyguard, and her famous sibling, Beyonce. The songstress was throwing punches at the rapper from left to right, and could even be seen spitting on the music mogul, who seemed relaxed the entire time Solange was assaulting him. Hours after the video clip surfaced online, it was claimed that Solange was fuming over the supposed fact that Jay had been flirting with an ex-girlfriend, while Beyonce was sitting at another table. Another report claimed that Solange has been battling substance addiction for years and that her outburst was solely down to the retraction from the substances she would usually take. It's unclear what really happened, and quite frankly, we will probably never know.

#4 Who Killed Bobbi Kristina Brown?

Bobbi Kristina Brown's death is a mystery in itself or is it? Following her hospitalization in January, the socialite would spend close to six months on life-support before her father, Bobby Brown, would make the decision to finally let her rest in peace. Bobbi was said to have collapsed in her bathtub for reasons that are still unknown. She spent 15 minutes with her head underwater, before being found by her boyfriend Nick Gordon, and another friend. Following her death in July, a lawsuit was filed against Gordon, which claims that the 19-year-old was responsible for the outcome of Bobbi's condition. Nick is said to have gotten violent with Kristina on numerous occasions, and supposed text messages from friends show that the 22-year-old had been wanting to get out of the relationship for months. The case is still being investigated.

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#5 Natalie Wood’s Drowning

On November 29, 1981, Natalie Wood drowned after reportedly falling overboard the luxury yacht she and her husband, Robert Wagner, shared with good friend, Christopher Walken. Reports at the time had claimed that Wagner and Walken had gotten into a heated argument, and Natalie walked away from the situation, but when her husband went to check up on her minutes later, she was nowhere to be found. Despite having claimed that he had nothing to do with his wife's death, Robert has been unable to explain the bruises that were found on his wife's body. Accidental? I don't think so. A Daily Mail report claims that Wood may have walked in on Walken and Wagner having sex, and when Wood ran away from the scene, Robert stopped her, only to get into a heated argument, which would have resulted in the actress' death.

#6 The Mystery of Karlie Redd’s Age

It sounds bizarre, but for the past four years, everyone that watches reality television has been trying to figure out just how old Karlie Redd really is. The famous TV-personality, who stars on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, has refused to comment on her age both on and off the program. Some people who know her have claimed that they don't even know how old she is, but they're assuming somewhere around 44, while others have claimed she is in her early 30s. Redd has a twenty-something year old daughter, whose age is also unknown for the supposed fact that Karlie is destined to keep her real age a mystery. Strange, right? Wikipedia states that the TV-personality is 37, but Karlie has denied it, saying she's certainly nowhere near the age of 40.

#7 Michael Jackson’s Child Molestation Claims

Michael Jackson's career was deeply affected by ongoing claims that he had molested dozens of children that had stayed at his Neverland home. The late singer, who was always caught up in scandals, would have children stay over at his ridiculously big mansion, and even admitted to having shared a bed with multiple kids at a time. Jackson swore nothing sexual ever went down; he even went on to spend more than $80 million on what seemed to be a never-ending 2005 court case regarding those matters. Many charges that were filed against Michael had been dropped because he had allegedly paid them off with an offer they couldn't refuse, but it makes one wonder why someone who claims to be innocent would even see the need to pay off those who clearly wouldn't have valid evidence that MJ ever molested them. Of course, that could only be the case if Michael really didn't do anything to these youngsters.

#8 Was Beyonce Really Pregnant?

Beyonce may have fooled everyone into thinking her pregnancy with Blue Ivy was one big publicity stunt. Having confirmed the baby news at the 2011 Video Music Awards, the singer went on to partake in an interview with Sunday Night, an Australian TV-show, where her baby bump falls flat as she took her seat. No woman that is at least five to six months pregnant would experience her bump falling flat in a tight-worn dress. The 34-year-old has firmly denied those reports, but people are still convinced that there is something fishy going on here. Then again, if the baby was conceived through a surrogate, why would Beyonce want to go through all this stress?

#9 Marilyn Monroe’s Death

Marilyn Monroe's death is still a mystery, despite claims that she had overdosed on sleeping pills. According to credible news outlets, the model/actress was murdered over her ongoing affair with John F. Kennedy at the time. The scandal was ridiculously big, and many family members felt that Monroe had ruined everything for them. Long story short, it was an inside job made to look as if Marilyn overdosed on sleeping pills, and people at the White House were in on it. Sources claim that following the model's death, her Brentwood home was raided, where certain belongings, including her diary, were stolen.

#10 Who Killed Tupac?

Tupac's death in 1996 still goes unexplained. Having stayed to watch the Bruce Seldon vs. Mike Tyson boxing match in Las Vegas, Suge Knight and Tupac entered their vehicle in hopes of getting home safely. Minutes after having made their way back home, Suge stopped at a red light, only to see a window roll down on his left side, shooting straight into his vehicle. Two bullets ended up hitting Pac; one in his liver and one his left testicle. Following a week at a nearby hospital, Pac did not pull through and was pronounced dead, leaving millions of fans in shock, seeing that this hadn't been the first time the rapper had survived a shooting. The mystery of the shooting has still not been solved almost two decades after the incident.

#11 O.J Simpson And The Infamous Glove

The glove. It was the key piece of clothing found at the death scene of Nicole Brown, who was brutally murdered on June 12, 1994. Having heavily denied being responsible for the death of his ex-wife and her friend, Ronald Lyle Goldman, O.J Simpson went on trial, which infamously became one of the most fascinating court cases of all time. Footprints that matched Simpson's feet were found near the death scene, along with numerous other vital pieces of evidence, yet the jury found the defendant not guilty, causing a huge outrage. If one was to believe that Simpson did not kill Nicole, who else would have wanted both Brown and Ronald dead so badly? It was heavily documented at the time that O.J had a huge anger management problem, having abused Nicole on numerous occasions in the past.