11 Computer Photos From The 90s That Will Bring Back All The Nostalgic Memories.

Posted by Sumaiya Ghani in History On 15th January 2018

When it comes to anything relating to the 90s, we all get really emotional and nostalgic. We just can't miss anything related to the good old days. These pictures will take you back to the beautiful days of the 90s.


#1 Mice that looked like spaceships.

Remember those days when computer mice used to look like aliens?


#2 Complicated keyboards.

Yes, keyboards used to be this complicated. And now they are so simple we should feel blessed.

#3 It was something so magical for us.

This used to look something so magical. When we used to convert our television into a drawing board, we used to feel like we had conquered the world. Ah, the good old days.

#4 The latest technology of those days.

Yes, there were days when you used to have a big ball for a mouse. By the way, these mice used to be expensive.


#5 Our very own floppy disks.

It was a great achievement when games started coming in floppy disks.

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