11 Funny Fashion Trends Of The Early 2000s That Today's Kids Would Never Understand

Posted by Abdul Rafay in Fashion On 29th May 2018

From bellybutton rings to trendy sf tanning lotions, none of these fashion trends make sense now.


#1 This eye shadow made everyone look greasy.

Frosted lips were one thing, but does anyone else remember applying creme shadow from a tube with their fingers? Not a good look. It made everyone look greasy. Why was the 2000’s about frosting everything?


#2 That is maybe cool or maybe not.

Yes you saw it right. Back in 2000, everyone was obsessed with Swarovski crystals and put them on their bodies and everything else.


#3 That used to be trendy af those days.

Colorful, tinted sunglasses were a gender-neutral '00s trend, and I don't know about you people but I kind of like this look.

#4 The famous look from 2000.

Dangly, shiny bellybutton ring with charms was a must buy after getting your bellybutton pierced or else how would you rock the look?


#5 Easy way to be a cool kid.

Want to add volume to your hair and want to look trendy at the same time? Then you should definitely zig zag part your hair and be the cool kid.

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