11 Hilarious Tumblr Posts That Will Make All The Singles Feel Blessed

Posted by Sumaiya Ghani in Feel Good On 6th June 2018

#1 You get close to your friends.

You finally start getting close to people who actually deserve your attention. You start devoting time to things that actually matter.


#2 Honestly, eating mangoes is better than falling in love.

If you aren't in a relationship, that doesn't mean you can't thrive. You don't need a relationship to thrive in your life.


#3 When you are so happy with your single life and wanna see how much your ex is regretting.

Once in a while you want to check out if your ex is miserable without you though you don't care at all.

#4 Believe me that happiness is real and rare.

No need to make room for anyone. Your bed is finally all yours!


#5 Throw the whole husband out now!

Such partners are ridiculous. These posts make you realize how blessed you are to be single.

#6 You are always ready to mingle!

Look at the positive side. When you are single, you aren't bounded by anyone. You can always mingle with someone who is maybe worth it.

#7 Your relationship is inseparable.

You know your love, pizza, would never cheat on you. You two can never be separated.

#8 Life is good. You love no one and no one loves you.

Since you are no one's priority, no one expects anything from you. That is when you sleep most peacefully without any burdens. That sleep is a blessing indeed!

#9 Blankets and pillows are so more comfortable than humans.

Cuddling with blankets and soft pillows is way better than cuddling with humans who may even end up breaking your heart. Why take a risk when you are happy and cool with your pillows?

#10 Life is so cool now.

When you realize you are having the best time in your life.

#11 Best Soulmate Ever.

And you are absolutely fine and happy with your soulmate being a piece of bread. At least your soulmate won't make any demands.