11 Of The Strangest Divorce Stories You Will Ever Hear

By Muk Khatri in Bizarre On 13th October 2015

#1 Lack of sexual satisfaction.

A French woman filed to divorce her husband after staying together for two decades.A judge ordered the man to pay his ex $14000 as a compensation.

#2 Just a habit of cleaning too much was the cause of divorce.

A German woman divorced with her neat freak husband due to his annoying habit of cleaning the house too much. He decided to rebuild the wall of his home because it was very dirty.

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#3 A man divorced his wife because she lied about her age.

A woman got married at the age of 30. But, she told her husband that she was just 24. She got the crow's feet little earlier so her husband tried to found out the truth and divorced her.

#4 Tattle tale made her to put up with her husband.

A couple had a pet that used to say things like "divorce" and "be patient." After listening these words from her pet, she made a thought that her husband might be unfaithful and so she decided to give him a divorce.

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#5 Unposted letters were the grounds for divorce.

A 99-year-old Italian man filed to divorce his wife after discovering the love letters written by his 96-year-old wife after 60 years of happy marriage life. This was the world's oldest divorce ever.

#6 A man divorced her wife for being too shy to sleep with him.

After dating for three months, a couple got married. But on the wedding night a wife refused her husband to sleep with him. When a husband tried to go near her, she pushed him and next day moved back to her maiden home.

#7 A Saudi woman divorced her husband who tried to sneak one look at her face.

A Saudi Arabian man lived with his wife for three decades without setting eyes on her face. This made his 50-year old wife ask him for divorce.

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#8 The 81-year old man caught with his mistress after 60 years.

An 83-year-old woman divorced her 81-year-old husband after 60 years of marriage who was caught having s*x with his mistress at work. Read more at: https://tr.im/HAvQv

#9 A woman left her husband for feeding stray dogs.

A 70-year-old man used to spend his entire pension on feeding the stray dogs. His wife was annoyed by his habit and decided to leave him even after 50 years of relation.

#10 A woman divorced her husband for running to promote Beijing Olympics.

A man was divorced by his wife for supporting Beijing Olympics. He sold the apartment to finance the run. His wife promised to divorce him if he went ahead for this. But he did not stop and his wife put up with him.

#11 Because she couldn't stand to have lunch with her mother-in-law.

A 22-year-old Romanian woman had issues with her mother-in-law. She did not want to have lunch with her and started considering her life like a nightmare. This made her go for divorce with her husband.