11 Reasons Getting Sick In The Summer Is The Absolute Worst

By Muk Khatri in Funny On 23rd August 2015

#1 You're forced to acknowledge just how bad afternoon TV is.

#2 For the first few days you think it's just allergies, and take the completely wrong medicine.

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#3 As soon as you realize you're sick, EVERY person you know asks you to do something fun over the weekend.

#4 You just want to curl up in a big blanket, but it's like 100 degrees.

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#5 People keep eating your holistic remedy. Which is popsicles.

#6 Trying to shower the sick away just reminds you of how much fun everyone's having at the pool. Without you.

#8 You can't tell if you're sweating from fever or from being too poor for air conditioning.

#9 Eating hot soup just feels wrong.

#10 No one comes to visit because they're all doing fun stuff. And if they do come, they're all disgustingly tan.

#11 You inevitably start feeling better on Sunday, only to realize the weekend is gone and it's time to go back to work!