11 Unseen Pictures Of Meghan Markle That Are A Must See For Everyone

Posted by Sumaiya Ghani in Entertainment

This is Meghan? Can't believe it? Well she was also a normal girl like us and we have the pictures to prove it. She was quite a party girl back in her college days and one thing that she still has in common is her million dollar smile. She used to post everyday pictures on her instagram page but since she is a royal now so she can't have fun with social media anymore. But thanks to Meghan's childhood friend Ninaki Priddy, we got the chance to see such unique photos of Meghan while she was growing up. But we don't think so Meghan would be that much happy with her friend.


#1 Being a princess isn't easy.

In this picture, Markle is seen wearing her usual street style look while eating a big three scoop ice cream. She is looking very care free in this picture absolutely enjoying a good day but it's unusual of Markle to eat ice cream as she doesn't eat sugary food.

She has admitted herself that she is a vegan during her week days and is quite conscious of her diet where as she sure shows some flexibility during the weekends. So we guess it must be a weekend and Markle must be taking a little off from her work. Well the good old days have gone now and she is a duchess and has to ditch her previous dressing style and alot more.


#2 Such a rare and cute picture it is.

Little Megan looks absolutely adorable in this picture though we know she might be embarrassed from this picture if she sees it since she is a royal family member now. Little Megan is seen wearing a black and dark pink frock with puff sleeves. She is at her friend Ninaki's ninth birthday party but what's surprising for us is that she looks sad in this picture which is not at all like Megan's personality. She is always seen smiling and cheerful, maybe she is wearing an old fashioned dress and that is why she is sad.

It was 1990 and Megan is seen wearing a classic 80's outfit. That must be the reason why little Megan looks so unhappy. We can also see that her hair were naturally curly.


#3 Meghan looks all natural in this picture.

Meghan is seen flaunting a pretty summer dress in this picture. She decided to go natural for that picture with no make up on and her naturally curly hair.

She does look a bit awkward in this picture just like a normal teenager. But the important thing is that Meghan has grown up into a confident and beautiful young lady which is a must to be a royal.


#4 What a memorable picture it is!

School pictures are always the best but they have great power to embarrass you as well. And when you are a Princess, then they can be the real threat. But things look opposite in this old high school picture of the Duchess Megan Markle.

She looks absolutely stunning in this picture of hers. Her cheeky smile can't be ignored. The picture was snapped just at the right time when she was having a blast with her friends. What a memorable picture!

#5 From homecoming queen to Duchess of Sussex. She definitely has come a long way.

Markle won a homecoming queen title at her prom in 1998.Guess it was always written in her fate to be a princess. Though Markle's dress didn't fit her that good but that didn't make Markle any less happy. Her cheeky and full bright smile is brighting up the whole picture.

Her homecoming prince can now say that he was the Duchess's date back in her teenage days. Markle has come a long way and she must be very proud of herself.


#6 Meghan's first red carpet appearance.

This was Meghan's first red carpet appearance in 2006 at the George Lopez/Great chefs of L.A event and she looks really awkward in this picture. She is wearing a simple jeans with a black shirt and jacket which isn't a red carpet kind of look. But she has come a long way and thank God she now knows how to rock the red carpet.

This was Meghan just after her college days were finished and she was very young at that time.


#7 Markle's million dollar smile.

We just can't get enough of this picture. Normally high school pictures aren't that good and we all are so embarrassed to show them to anyone but Markle looks totally adorable in her year book picture.

Her schooling was done in the Catholic school of Immaculate Heart in Los Angeles and she was a good according to her teachers. She was active in her class and used to participate in class discussions.


#8 Painting her new apartment walls.

Megan is painting the walls of her first apartment after she moved from her home. It's something normal for new college students to rent out an apartment with some friends and enjoy the party life at the college.

From the picture, it's obvious that Markle was having quite a time while painting the walls. Her face looked fresh and happy though she was completely make up free. She looked exactly like any random college student would look with a bandana over her head and a casual T-shirt.


#9 Perfect mirror selfie.

This one is rare because Megan didn't take that much selfies at home and in this she is wearing a different style. She always used to wear denims with collored shirts when out and about but in this picture she is seen with a different attire.

The best part of this random picture is that it's a mirror selfie with a cute pout just like any normal girl would do. But sadly we won't be seeing any more mirror selfies as selfies aren't allowed when it comes to royals.


#10 Going to a graduation party.

Megan was a party girl in her days like any other normal college girl. Thanks to her friend that we got to see such pictures of Megan or else we would have never got the chance to know her. She was in her 20's at that time and enjoying her self but know she has to live a more sophisticated and conservative life that the queen would approve.

The outfit doesn't look all that glamorous but she is still shining in it and having a blast of a time. In this particular picture, she was going to a graduation party.


#11 Meghan in her gym clothes.

Meghan loves gym and she used to share a lot of gym selfies with us through instagram but now since she is royal,

her private life would be a secret and sadly we won't see such more pictures of her in this random gym attire.

"My health, my state of mind, the feeling you have after a workout; all of this things drive me to step onto my mat or go to the gym."