11 Unseen Pictures Of Meghan Markle That Are A Must See For Everyone

Posted by Sumaiya Ghani in Entertainment On 22nd June 2018

#5 From homecoming queen to Duchess of Sussex. She definitely has come a long way.

Markle won a homecoming queen title at her prom in 1998.Guess it was always written in her fate to be a princess. Though Markle's dress didn't fit her that good but that didn't make Markle any less happy. Her cheeky and full bright smile is brighting up the whole picture.

Her homecoming prince can now say that he was the Duchess's date back in her teenage days. Markle has come a long way and she must be very proud of herself.


#6 Meghan's first red carpet appearance.

This was Meghan's first red carpet appearance in 2006 at the George Lopez/Great chefs of L.A event and she looks really awkward in this picture. She is wearing a simple jeans with a black shirt and jacket which isn't a red carpet kind of look. But she has come a long way and thank God she now knows how to rock the red carpet.

This was Meghan just after her college days were finished and she was very young at that time.


#7 Markle's million dollar smile.

We just can't get enough of this picture. Normally high school pictures aren't that good and we all are so embarrassed to show them to anyone but Markle looks totally adorable in her year book picture.

Her schooling was done in the Catholic school of Immaculate Heart in Los Angeles and she was a good according to her teachers. She was active in her class and used to participate in class discussions.

#8 Painting her new apartment walls.

Megan is painting the walls of her first apartment after she moved from her home. It's something normal for new college students to rent out an apartment with some friends and enjoy the party life at the college.

From the picture, it's obvious that Markle was having quite a time while painting the walls. Her face looked fresh and happy though she was completely make up free. She looked exactly like any random college student would look with a bandana over her head and a casual T-shirt.

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