11 Ways Sleeping Disorders Can Affect Your Life Quality

By Muk Khatri in Health and Fitness On 23rd October 2015

#1 A Higher Mortality Rate Is Linked To Lack Of Sleep

A sleep of about eight hours a night is highly recommended

#2 People Who Suffer Of Lack Of Sleep Are More Likely To Develop Cardiovascular Disease

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#4 Driving While Being Tired Is Almost As Dangerous As Driving While You're Drunk

If you're feeling tired make sure to find other transportation than driving your car.

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#5 Research Shows A Direct Link Between Lack Of Sleep And Diabetes

#6 Feeling Depressed? If You've Not Been Getting Enough Sleep That Might Be The Explanation

#8 Sleep Disorders Affect Your Skin

Those awful dark circles.

#9 No Sleep Can Have A Bad Effect On Your Sex Life

Remember this one next time you're thinking about getting no sleep.

#10 Lack Of Sleep Can Actually Cause You To Gain Weight

Many recent studies have shown the connection between the two.

#11 When Your Brain Doesn't Get Enough Sleep It Makes It Harder For You To Make Important Decisions And Effects Your Judgment