11 Ways You're Turning Women On Without Even Knowing It

By Muk Khatri in Funny On 1st September 2015

#1 "When you're walking and they put their hand on the small of your back to sort of guide you."

Yes, gentlemen. This ever-so-subtle touch you don't even realize you're doing will have your lady melting.

#2 "When they wear a button up shirt with the sleeves rolled halfway up."

Oh god! We can't take the hotness! Not a single woman will disagree.

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#3 "Driving stick shift."

How do you think you got us to watch all the Fast And Furious movies? Women see a man that can drive stick as in control and powerful and we can't stop staring at your forearms.

#4 "Leaning back with hands behind the head. It just shows off their arms so nicely."

Men's arms are women's weakness. This movement you regularly do drives us all nuts, so now you know.

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#5 "When guys play with puppies or are sweet to animals."

I wish there was a logical explanation for this, but females aren't logical at all. For some odd reason, if a masculine manly-man starts playing with a puppy it melts our hearts

#6 "Drinking a straight up scotch."

It's funny how your drink of choice says a lot about you. If a man orders a cheap beer, the woman can assume she's paying for the movie they are about to go see and if a man orders a dirty martini, he probably has on bedazzled underwear. A scotch, however, is a man that can handle his shit!

#7 "Straightening or loosening a tie."

No matter what setting you are in or what your stripping skills are, a woman will always imagine you taking her panties off like you just did with your tie. Now go put one on.

#8 "Watching them work on cars."

The logistics of how a car operates is literally rocket science to women. It may be partially due to the fact that we aren't interested in knowing but the fact that a man can fix this complex machine with his bare hands is ridiculously sexy.

#9 "Eye contact."

The fact that we have your full attention but are still so unaware of what's going through your mind is so provocative.

#10 "If they can fix everything."

You may never find yourself in the situation of having to fix the problem of raptors being loose in society, but you can start by fixing the broken toilet or check engine light.

#11 "When a guy can interact well with kids."

This makes us want to take things slow. Like, we'll let you take us on a date. Marry us. Have our babies. Just be the father of our children ASAP.

#12 "Speaking another language."

What. Did. You. Just. Say? You just went from a 6 to a 10 on the hotness scale.