11-Year-Old's Emotional Birthday Surprise Moves Step-Dad To Tears

Posted by Sama in Feel Good On 2nd March 2018

There is nothing in this world sweeter than a dad's love for his daughter. This is proved by seeing the beautiful relationship between HaLeigh and her step-dad David, who shares a bond so strong that the father-daughter duo has moved even the strangers on social media with tears. Read the whole story of HaLeigh's sweetest surprise birthday present for her dad and we warn you not to get emotional after watching the video.


#1 David Got A Sweetest Surprise For His Birthday

The local Corpus Christi dad got a shock of a lifetime when his 13-year old stepdaughter surprised him with a heartwarming birthday gift. The young girl surprised her dad with the adoption papers revealing that she has changed her surname, taking up her step dad's name. The gift was given just in time of the valentines day.

The heartwarming reaction was captured on the camera.


#2 HaLeigh Shares A Strong Bond With Her Step-Dad

HaLeigh was just 9 months old when her mother Angel Trevino married David "Tudy" Trevino. HaLeigh bonded well with her step-dad from day one and looking at their relationship an outsider can never claim that the father-daughter duo is not related by blood. HaLeigh's mom Angel proudly says, "From day one he has accepted her as his own, immediately."

Growing up, one thing that confused the young girl was that why she does not share the same with her dad.


#3 HaLeigh Also Wanted To Take Up Her Dad's Surname

David says, HaLeigh has been trying to write her name as Trevino in School since young, "She's been trying to write her name as Trevino in school for years now, but she had to go by the name on the birth certificate."

Seeing their daughter's determination, the Trevino family has been considering the option of making HaLeigh David's daughter legally and had actually started the official procedure since last November.

#4 Angel And Her Daughter Secretly Worked On The Documents

Going through the legal procedure Angel and HaLeigh both realized that they would be able to make the document s official just in time of valentines day thus they can give a perfect surprise to David for his upcoming birthday and the valentines day.

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