11-Year-Old's Emotional Birthday Surprise Moves Step-Dad To Tears

Posted by Sama in Feel Good On 2nd March 2018

#5 Sweet Surprise Given To David Just In Time For Valentine's Day And His Upcoming Birthday

So the sweet surprise was given to David a day before valentines day and Angel captured the emotional moment on her camera. Angel uploaded the emotional video on social media, where David could be seen reading HaLeigh's birthday letter and getting the surprise. Angel captioned the video, "FINALLY! This happened today!"

The emotional video and post got publics attention quickly and Angel's story became the most trending overnight. The online community congratulated the family for such a heartwarming gift and sent love and support towards the Trevino family.


#6 Getting Love And Support From The Online Community

David got a lot of appraisal messages on strangers for his devotion towards his daughter, one person emotionally commented, "Yes, I cried too ... tears of happiness for the whole family ... congratulations ... and I agree with George Tello Jr. ... it takes a hell of a real man to raise someone else's child as their own ... my 3 girls were raised without their dad (his choice) ... but they didn't miss out on anything because my dad stepped up and was at all their sports games, choir recitals, band performances, awards assemblies, parades, graduations ... everything ... he was their biggest fan ... it's only been 3 months but he's sorely missed ... r.i.p. dad."

Another stranger commented, "I don’t personally know you guys, but wanted to wish you and your family all the happiness in the world. Thanks for sharing this beautiful moment with everyone!"

#7 David's Says HaLeigh Stole His Heart A Long Time Ago

Talking about the surprise his family gave to him, David told local media that he had an idea about the gift, but that did not make the moment any less special for him. "I kinda knew right away what it was," David said. "When I started reading it, everyone knows I don't cry. But this little girl stole my heart. I couldn't hold it in. It was a big lump in my throat. I didn't want to cry, I tried not to."

Angel confessed that she never knew that the story would get so much public attention and a lot of people have been messaging her to ask about the procedure, "I've had so many people message and ask how did you do it, because people don't know, and I hope this encourages people to go for it."

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