12 Amazing Facts About Babies That You Never Knew

Posted by Michael Avery in Facts and DIY

Everyone loves babies. They are just so sweet and adorable. With that being said, here are 12 facts about those loveable little bundles of joy that you might not have known.


#1 How much blood do they have?

At birth, a baby has around a cup of blood circulating through their body.

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#2 Diapers, endless diapers.

From the time they are born until they are fully potty trained a baby will go through around 8,000 diapers on average. They also go through around 2,700 diapers each year.


#3 Due dates are not very accurate.

Despite the due date that babies are given, they are only actually born on that date around 4% of the time. Predicting when a child will be born is far from an exact science.


#4 The US premmie epidemic.

In the united states about 1 out of every 8 lives births is premature. That means that just over half a million children are born prematurely in America every year.

#5 That's a lot of births.

Each year in America there are over 4 million children born. Out of those kids, about 80% of them have some form of birthmark.

#6 So much pee.

Newborn babies pee every 20 minutes on average. By the time they are 6 months old, this frequency decreases to about once every hour.

#7 I can feel your heartbeat.

When a baby is born their heart beats an incredible 180 beats per minute. This decreases to about 140 beats after a few hours and falls to about 115 beats when they reach a year old. By the time they reach adulthood their heart rate is about 70-80 beats per minute.

#8 That's a big gulp.

Until they are around 7 months old a baby can swallow and breathe at the same time. What an awesome ability.


#9 I hope you don't like sleeping.

It has been found that parents lose around 6 months worth of sleep during the first two years of their babies life. Better get used to cat naps.

#10 Do you see what I see?

A newborn can only see about 8-14 inches in front of them until they are around 3 months old. They also only see in black and white. Once their eyes do start to develop they still have a hard time distinguishing different colors.

#11 The big brain.

When they are born a babies brain makes up about ten percent of its body weight. By age 1 their brain more than doubles in size. At age 3 it's more than 3 times the size it was at birth. By the time they are 1 years old their brain is roughly 60% the size of an adult brain.

#12 The truth about twins.

For every 1000 births in the United States, there are around 32 pairs of twins born. This has been the case since around 2004.