12 Men Reveal What Impresses Them On A First Date

By Muk Khatri in Life Style On 7th September 2015

#1 When you show up on time.

"If you're going to be late from traffic or something you have no control over, let me know," asks redditor MrNerd82. "Me standing around for 20 minutes waiting on a total stranger, yeah... that entire time I'm thinking 'WTF is wrong with this person?'"

#2 When you keep your face out of your phone.

"There is nothing more annoying in not just a date, but in hanging out with someone than a person who is constantly glued to and checking their cell phone and never is fully attentively committed to anything because of a smart phone addiction," says redditor icantrecallaccnt.

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#3 When you know how to hold a conversation.

"If a girl can hold a conversation without me having to guide it the whole way, she is instantly more attractive," explains redditor AngryAnuses.

#4 When you have an opinion about something.

"Have a decently educated opinion on something, and show enthusiasm when you're talking about it," begs redditor RyanW1019. "It really doesn't matter what the subject is; seeing that you're someone who doesn't just agree with everything I say and can think for themselves is a big turn on. It's also good to see that you're passionate about more than just looking good or being cool."

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#5 When you're willing to go Dutch.

"Small thing, but offer to pay for at least half the meal. I am, of course, going to decline and I will pay for the whole date, but I really appreciated when the girl didn't act like she was entitled to have everything paid for," says redditor hankhillforprez.

#6 When you act like yourself (even if you're a little weird).

"Don't hide your strange little things about you," asks redditor DeyHateUsCuzDeyAnus. "We want to know the real you immediately and if it's something we don't like then you just saved both of us a lot of wasted time. No point in hiding it until later on."

#7 And when you look like yourself, too.

"Please look like the pictures you have on your online profile," requests redditor txjohndoetx. "It's unreal how many girls showcase their best pics from 5-6+ yrs ago, before they gained 30 pounds or changed their look completely. Also, relax on the makeup already, most guys absolutely hate that caked-on nonsense. It's repulsive."

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#8 When you talk about your pets.

"For me, [it's impressive] if you talk about how much you love dogs, cats, or other pets," says redditor YohanAnthony. "As a dog owner who feels a close bond with his furry friend, I would think that if you can show affection for animals, that you're a decent person."

#9 When you don't overdress.

"I like a girl comfortable in her own skin. Not having to wear a fancy dress everywhere or high heels or a good amount of makeup," says redditor Okay_its_loki. "I do appreciate the effort, but nothing attracts me more than a girl with glasses, jeans, chucks, and pretty smile."

#10 When you don't reject compliments.

"Take compliments," says redditor Tuukkas_Milk_Crate. "If I say something about you, you better believe it, because I certainly do."

#11 When you make the first move (if you're feelin' it).

"I've also had a girl kiss me randomly in a photo booth while on a first date," says redditor PapaSmurf1520. "Men are so used to having to make the first move that a quick turn in the opposite direction, even if temporary, can be exciting."

#12 When you go with the flow.

"Chances are I will say or do something awkward, and so will you, and a casual response to those things makes all the difference," predicts redditor noisesoff5. "If you can give me the feeling up front that it's ok to not be perfect, then you're more likely to get the real me."