12 Nail Art Tricks That Are Way Easier Than They Look

By Editorial Staff in Facts and DIY On 17th September 2015

1. Keep Calm and Sponge On

A little piece of sponge can do wonders for the base of all your nail arts.

2. Just 'Out The Pool' Look

A glossy nail polish drop dripped over a matte shade can make your nails look ecstatic. But just remember to drop the drops once the base color has completely dried.

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4. A Fan Brush

Use a normal make up brush and brush it horizontally across your nail to get a shade like this.

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5. The Heart

The heart is literally the easiest thing to conjure on a nail.

6. Polka dots and Flowers

Polka dots can be dropped on the nail base paint and then strike them back with another color so that flowers can be created. Wait for the base color to dry off properly before dropping the dots though.

7. Fish nets

You could use fish nets from daily packaging items and a sponge to get your nails to look like that!

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8. The Light Appearance

A small string and nail polish can make you look like Christmas!

9. The Raw Color Experience

Paint the base like it's shown in the pic and then place the tapes over the nails in any pattern that you like. Paint black or any other bold color and then rip off the tapes. And whoa, you've got yourself a rich colorful nail.

10. Using Foils

Once you apply a base coat, just place a foil over the nail and then cut off the excess.

11. Text on Nails

Apply a base coat and then drop some alcohol over the piece of text paper that you want to apply over your nail. And then all you gotta do is dab it for a few minutes.

12. Paper Towel Madness

Paper towels can be used for more than just cleaning and here's proof!