12 Ordinary People Wore Rihanna's Fenty Beauty Lip Gloss Check Out The Results.

Posted by Sumaiya Ghani in Fashion On 7th January 2018

#5 Crustal is ready to go to the beach

Crystal's look is so pure and natural just the way one should look while heading towards the beach. So next time you decide to have a beach party, don't forget your Fenty Beauty's lip gloss.


#6 Rocio, can you give us some classes girl?

When it comes to makeup, we really need to take some classes from Rocio. She nows how to keep it simple yet mesmerizing. She has wore Fenty Beauty's lip gloss in the best way possible.


#7 Jessika's glam look is perfect for a party night!

Jessika is totally slaying with her winged eye liner and shiny eye shadow with the final touch of Fenty Beauty's Lip gloss. She has also applied highlighter and foundation. Perfect for a Saturday night party!

#8 Brown eye shadow and peachy lip gloss, what a perfect combination!

Brown eye shadow and dramatic eye liner sure looks extraordinary on Ali's fair skin, and she completed the look with Rihanna's gloss bomb and that messy bun!

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