12 People Who Were In No Nonsense Mood And Took Things A Little Too Far

Posted by Sama in Funny On 31st May 2020

This is the compilation of all those people who did whatever they wanted and were in a no-nonsense mood with their tasks. And oh, did we tell you that they also took things a bit too far?


#1 “My sister had crazy hair day at school today and my mom was not playing games and really wanted her to win.”

© aireuhl_ / twitter
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#2 Someone give this kid an award already

© jaime0007 / reddit

#3 “Thought I’d try homemade sushi.”

© FMChainsawTeddy / reddit

#4 “My daughters built a slug hospital and found 30+ ‘patients’ who are now escaping and nothing in the parenting books prepared me for this.”

© @cwilso / twitter

#5 “Made a coffee table. I think the proportions are perfect.”

© TC1671 / reddit

#6 “My daughter turned 19 the other day. We had to use the candles we had on hand.”

© fanzel71 / reddit

#7 “My mom works at Amazon and she sent me a photo of one of the trucks she loaded.”

© MDMAbleToShine / reddit

#8 Someone brought these bills to the bank that they tried to sanitize in a microwave.

© Jamaisfaux / reddit

#9 “Been spending a little extra time on my kid’s dinner lately.”

© SoulcrateSucka / reddit

#10 “I think I have far too much free time.”

© jamfun3 / reddit

#11 “Made the bed, kept cleaning the apartment, realized I hadn’t seen the cat for a little bit, and found him like this.”

© dlbee_ / twitter

#12 “I asked my wife for a rainbow scarf and she took it so much further.”

© Amanda Julien / ravelry