12 Popular Clothing Items That Are Secretly Ruining Your Health

Posted by Sama in Life Style On 25th August 2021

Wearing fashionable clothes and accessories is what every girl dreams of. But have you ever wondered about the impact of these on your health? If not conscious, some of these trendy clothing styles and shoes can literally ruin your health and so it is always good to be extra careful in these matters, as nothing is more important than health in this world.


#1 A blue swimsuit

When picking a swimsuit always go for bright ones and never the blue ones. The reason? So that you stand out in the sea and if god forbid any situation arises, at least someone can help you. 

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#2 Tight leggings

The constant wearing of tight leggings can make the skin irritated. This is because leggings are usually made from dense material and are very tight. So moving around, the material rubs against the skin and causes irritation.

Also, in tight leggings, the body sweats more due to humid weather.

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#3 Oversize baggy clothes

Apart from tight clothing, large oversize shirts and hoodies can also create a problem in the neck and back.

Wide sleeves shirts can make you keep your arms in an unnatural position, which can lead to tension in the muscles of your body.

Also, when a person puts on a large hood over their head, they have to strain and stretch their neck forward in order to see. And the hood left hanging on your back can constrict your throat in an unpleasant way.

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#4 Sunglasses with no markings

Sunglasses are meant to protect the eyes from UV radiation. If your glasses don't have a label that says UV 400, then the accessory is pretty useless as it is not fulfilling its purpose.

In fact, UV protection can be defined by the darkness of the lenses. As a matter of fact, black glasses can cause more harm than good as they make eyes dilated and can lead to serious damage. Thus, it is recommended to always buy specialized glasses even if they are a bit expensive as ultimately you are investing in your good health.

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#5 Summer hats

The basic purpose of summer hats is to protect one from sunlight. And trust us when we say that baseball caps are not really good at this because they leave the ears and neck open and that causes them to sunburn quickly.

If you prefer to wear only baseball caps, cover the open areas of your neck and ears with sunscreen. By the way, straw hats, even wide-brimmed ones, are also not a very good option because they let the sun’s rays go through.

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#6 Pencil skirt

Pencil skirts look very classy and formal but movement in this clothing is especially difficult. Thus, it not only impacts gait but also creates posture problems and leads to serious back pain. It’s also difficult to bend your knees and sit in this item of clothing, which means that the back muscles experience additional tension during these movements.

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#7 Halter top or dress

These kinds of dresses put increasing pressure on the neck muscles, especially if you are one with a large chest. Where a simple t-shirt distributes the weight evenly across the body, the dresses with ties hold the entire weight around the neck. Thus,  a person has to maintain an uncomfortable posture and the shoulders appear rounded and lowered.

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#8 Dress made from bamboo material

Natural bamboo textiles are tough and rough. So to soften the fiber, various chemicals are added. These include carbon disulfide, sodium hydroxide, and sulfuric acid. And all of these compounds are toxic and can be hazardous to the environment.

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#9 Waterproof clothes

Some types of waterproof clothes are made of hazardous and toxic chemicals. Not only this but they also pose a significant threat to the environment and human health too. So always chose a brand that is made of human-friendly and environment-friendly products. 

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#10 Nylon tights

Thick nylon tights can cause irritation of skin and lead to rashes and calluses. Also, these tights can alter the natural position of toes that leads to health issues.

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#11 Tight headband

Elastic synthetic headbands compress the frontalis muscles and lead to discomfort and tension headaches. It is always better to use loose headbands that are made from natural fabrics.

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#12 Gladiator sandals

Fashionable gladiator sandals that strap around the ankles and calves are not just uncomfortable but also dangerous for health. These shoes disrupt blood flow and lead to edema and even varicose veins. Doing this fashion, keep in mind to do very little and not often as nothing is more important than good health. 

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