13 Amazing Facts About Eye Colors You Probably Didn't Know

By Suzanne in Facts and DIY On 11th October 2015

#1 Some people are born with two different eye colors, this special condition is called Heterochromia.

Majority of the Heterochromia cases are hereditary. In some cases, Heterochromia is caused due to the blood staining in the iris.

#2 The most common eye color in the world is brown.

Generally, the high concentration of melanin in the iris makes the color of eyes brown. Brown eyes are classified into two, i.e. dark brown and light brown. It is said that people having brown eyes are more attractive and confident.

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#4Color of eyes depends on the melanin found in the iris.

The pigmentation of the iris depends on the concentration of melanin, so eye color varies from light brown to black. Besides this, the appearance of green, blue, hazel, red, violet color in eyes results due to the light reflection. Blue and green pigments do not exist in eyes. The phenomenon of eye color is similar to that of blueness of the sky.

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#5 It is said that people with green eyes have incredible enthusiasm for life.

The green color in eyes is the combination of an amber or light brown. The green color is caused by the low or moderate amount of melanin in the iris.

#6 Heavily pigmented dark brown eyes appear almost black.

Complete dark eyes do not exist, it is the result of heavy pigmentation of melanin in the iris that makes dark brown eyes appear almost black.

#7 Majority of Northern and Eastern Europeans have grey colored eyes.

Grey eyes contain a dark epithelium at the back of the iris and clear stroma at the front.

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#8 The combination of blue, green and brown results in hazel eyes.

The moderate amount of melanin in the iris gives the hazel color.

#9 The color of eyes appears violet due to albinism.

The deficiency of melanin production is called albinism. The deep blue eyes at certain times appear violet.

#10 Red colored eyes are rare.

The lowest formation of melanin also leads the eye color to be red.

#11 Amber eyes appear due to the deposition of yellow pigment in the iris.

Amber eyes look similar to hazel eyes, but both are different.

#12 Most of the babies before the age of one have light eye color.

#13 86% of the people in Ireland and Scotland have either blue or green eyes.

Northern and Eastern Europeans commonly have blue eyes. People in Western Asia also generally have blue eyes. Blue eye colored people are said to have an energetic personality.