13 Food Products That We’ve Always Peeled The Wrong Way

By Editorial Staff in Food On 5th January 2017

#1 It’s really easy to separate berries from their leaf with the help of a simple straw.


#2 Tap one half of a pomegranate with a wooden spoon, and you’ll be able to peel it without loosing a drop of juice.

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#3 Make an incision all the way around the surface of a potato, width-wise.

Boil it, then wash with cold water. Now you can easily remove the peel with your hands.


#4 Use a spoon to separate peel from an orange without getting juice all over yourself.

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#5 The easiest way to peel mango is to use an ordinary glass!

#6 This method works with kiwi fruit as well.


#7 And even with an avocado.

#8 Grip the base of a banana peel and pull, and you’ll be able to open it just as you would with a bag of potato chips.


#9 Put some garlic in a bowl, cover the bowl with a chopping board, and shake it thoroughly.


#10 By making just three incisions you can easily peel a tangerine.


#11 To peel a boiled egg, remove the eggshell from the top and bottom, then simply blow!

#12 Express apple peeling.


#13 Cut off the top part of the pepper and make incisions lengthwise to the white partitions.

#14 Now just separate it into parts.