13 Freakiest Paranormal Events Witnessed By Police

Posted by Sama in Geeks and Gaming On 23rd February 2017

Sometimes these stories are recanted or a witness refuses to go on the record which only discounts the truth of the tale. In other cases these silenced officers let the story go on their death beds, releasing new statements after they’ve passed. Whatever the case, these mysterious tales of ghosts and demons, flying saucers and aliens with blond hair do serve a valuable purpose.

They keep us questioning what could exist out there in those vast, starlit night skies and help us try to understand what kind of terror is inflicted on families going through a malevolent haunting. Read on for some of the most chilling tales of paranormal activity all over the world that were actually witnessed by police or other officers.


#1. Rendlesham Forest Incident

In this story several uniformed officers from the Air Force and other military personnel got up close and personal with an unidentified flying object. It was late December in 1980 when there were a series of sightings reporting unexplained lights near the Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk, England. At the time of these claimed UFO sightings the United States Air Force were using the RAF Woodbridge nearby the forest. The eerie events were described by eyewitnesses as a bright light looking as if it was shining from behind the forest. This event is beside Roswell as one of the most famous UFO sightings across the globe, it is often referred to as “Britain’s Roswell”.

Despite many claiming that nothing otherworldly was going on, retired Colonel Charles Halt signed an affidavit that whatever happened that night was extraterrestrial. The forest now features a ‘UFO Trail’ through the forest to promote tourism and feed the rumors about paranormal events amongst the natural landscape.


#2. Ghost Haunts New Mexico Police Station

An officer on night duty at the Espanola police station in New Mexico back in the Fall of 2014 swears that he caught a ghost on camera. The incident took place in the sally port, a fortified area where people cannot just mosey about. Officer Karl Romero actually reported watching the shadowy figure walk through gates and walls before reporting it to his supervisors. Detectives confirmed after the occurrence that it was impossible to enter or exit the area without a gate being opened. Furthermore, every time the gate opens an alarm goes off, making it almost impossible that someone can both enter and exit without anybody in the police station knowing about it.

As far as these officers know the police station is not built on any former burial sites and no prisoners have ever died there, making this ghost story somewhat of a mystery. Romero thinks maybe some unsolved murders in the nearby area might have something to do with the paranormal phenomenon.


#3. Disembodied Voice That Saved A Baby

On March 10, 2015 a young Utah mother and her baby flipped off of the highway and landed upside down in the creek. When four police officers arrived at the scene they saw someone in the driver’s seat and every single one of them heard a voice say “Help me, we’re in here!” and they all jumped into the water to get her out. When they arrived at the car they found that the mother in the driver’s seat had been dead for hours, but her 18-month-old baby was still alive. The baby was suspended from her car seat in a space that was not submerged in water.

The baby was on the brink of death when the firemen and police officers formed an assembly line to get her back to shore. CPR was done on site and the little one was declared stable later at the hospital. This voice could have been that of that young mother’s ghost calling the first responders just in time to save the life of her child.

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