13 Goats On Cliffs Who Just Don’t Care

By Johny in Nature On 28th August 2015

#1 Come on Alan – stop being a pussy

#2 Next time you crank the treadmill up to a 20 degree incline, think of this guy

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#4 This guy has got himself into a bit of a tight spot

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#5 You’ve goat to be kidding me

#6 Licking that bit of rock was definitely worth the climb

#8 Have you ever felt alone in the universe?

#9 And this, kids, is where I fell 100 foot and lost half my fur

#10 If you ever fall out with your friend, at least he can have a terrible ‘fall’

#11 This guy is a parkour king

#12 I’ve got this. I’ve got this!

#13 I’m sure he was here somewhere?